PSCS Character Sheet



Feb 13, 2004 11:28:55
I wanted to ask you all which character sheets do you use for PS.

I think it would be a nice idea if somebody was to create a character sheet with all the addition the PS3e team made.

I personally use Ema's sheets and would like to see these sheets converted for Planescape.


Feb 13, 2004 18:25:41
Ema's sheets? *curious look* Do tell.

And I use the old character sheets from the 3e Character Sheet little folio they produced. Or in the case of when I'm lazy, the same sheet of coffee stained notebook paper for a regular NPC that's been with the PC in my campaign for 2 years in game, and a year and a half out of game. I should probably get around to giving her a proper character sheet eventually. ;)


Feb 13, 2004 19:50:27
I personally use lined notebook paper. Not only does this make it easier to tailor the display of information so as to make the most frequently used bits most accessible, (which is usually different for each character) it also doesn't artificially limit space for skills, feats, special abilities, spell lists, etc.

Plus, it's cheaper. And it's not like there's all that much stuff in 3e to put on a character sheet. Plus, I'm too lazy to run down to a copy machine.

My character sheets never really look the same.


Feb 15, 2004 6:02:13
I found these sheets at
They are quite nice and would surely like to see them with Planescape art...