Lady of Pain defined (speculation)



Feb 13, 2004 12:16:53
So I took a gander at the thread about defeating the Lady at the ENworld site or whatever, and one of the posts got me thinking. The one about laying down the lady with belief, getting so many people to worship her as something specific that she becomes defined as something, thus opening her to defeat (since defined lady would have defined capabilities and vulnerabilities). This got me thinking, specifically about Pages of Pain. Let's say Poseidan's scheme with his jar-o-memories he tried to get Teseus to deliver was similar to this. It was a trap designed to artificially define the lady through belief, by convincing her she WAS his daughter or whatever, and this belief would open her up to attack is it would have defined her (through her own belief of what she was) and allowed Poseidan leverage over her, thus allowing him access to and control of Sigil. Get my drift? Just idle speculation.



Feb 13, 2004 18:32:15
You might want to put this back into the body of the thread we've already got going regarding the Enworld thread. This is a bit redundant on top of that, and you might get more replies that way.


Feb 13, 2004 23:58:44
In theory, if the belief of the multiverse were strong enough, it could happen. It'd have to be phenomenal though, the direct process of which a product of centuries at least. *shrug*

Of course, according to some books, figures like the Lady were formed before the importance of belief was as it is. She may be above such concerns. Or that's her only weakness ;)


Feb 14, 2004 2:47:05
The likelyhood of such wide-spread belief about the lady becoming prevalent seems small though, given her penchant for flaying any who do any such thing as worship her, or attempt to threaten her power in any way.


Feb 14, 2004 12:46:12
Yeah, I was just thinking Poseidan's trap would be getting the lady to believe this herself, thus avoiding all this flimflam of convincing the multiverse. If she believed she were XYZ, then she would act like it, thus giving Poseidan power over her directly. I liked the old version of the water god that had him as CE. He was more fun and interesting as a villain.



Feb 14, 2004 13:01:08
Well... If I was DMing it, it would work. IF the person doing it found some way to not get flayed. It says in the ps3e that many believe that the Lady's power extends outside of Sigil. So the Lady can still flay people outside of Sigil who worship her.

Basically, the Lady wouldn't let it happen.

Technically, she is already worshiped. Everyone acknowledges her as being impossible to control, understand, define, and defeat. And so she is. :D