Sigil Mafia familly



Feb 13, 2004 13:41:18
If I recall correctly, somewhere in the published material about the Cage, there was a very small comment, barelly more than a passing note about some sort a Mafia familly dealing in the "protection" business, probably in the Lower Ward.

Can someone help me find the name of said familly and any reference to it? I play tonight, and their name should come up towards the end of the session.


Feb 13, 2004 14:37:05
The Garianis family in the Lower Ward near to the Shattered Temple district. Most of the information was in Faction War detailing them, their area of Sigil, Muriov Garianis the head of the family, etc.

There's detail on them, and him and his future planes in the Sigil chapter on Planewalker. (and a brief mention of him at the end of Faction War as well, in the aftermath of the war section)

He's a cleric of Hades, and post FW intended to demolish the Shattered Temple and build a grand temple to his own deity on the spot. The Athar are none too pleased about this and there's an active resistance to Garianis from them. Oridi Malefin of the Dustmen is also working alongside Garianis in this whole sordid affair.


Feb 13, 2004 14:43:41
Thank you Shemeska.
Hadn't made the connection between this important NPC and the Mafia-like familly, for some obscure reason...

Guess the familly won't be wiped out so easily. And it makes for some interesting plot twists...



Feb 13, 2004 15:08:07
You're welcome