Still working on a wizard's test...



Feb 13, 2004 16:18:28
I'm still working on the details of the Test for one of my wizards.
The adventure is taking them to one of the towers and I want to test her abilities without her knowing.

Once they arrive the other wizards will recommend that she take a few days to study and clear her mind for the test.

However that night the test will actually start without her knowing. A Wizard of high level will turn rogue and in a surprize attack render many of the wizards helpless, asleep, dead, etc...

Then the rogue wizard will escape through a dimensional door. One of the more power wizard uses his dying breath and last bit of strength to keep the door open and urges the wizard and the party to make pursuit and kill the wizard. (The powerful wizard is black robed).

The portal will take them to a world completely different to krynn.
The sky carries only a single pale moon and no constellations of the gods, but her magic will still work.

Anyways they'll have to hunt down the rogue wizard, facing horrible beasts, puzzles, and riddles along the way. Basically enough to go from bottom of 4th to almost 5th level.

Once they've captured or killed the rogue wizard the next door our female wizard walks through will step her back into her room.

All the players will still gain experience since they were there doing things, even it's it was only mentally. Any characters that might have perished are ok, a bit shakened if anything.

The strange world will actually be very similar to Ravenloft, but since it's just a made up test it has a valid reason to be able to escape or leave.

By doing this I feel that I can get a good idea of where her character is going.

1. Does she subdue the rogue wizard or kill them on sight?
2. How react to innocents or pary members in need?
3. How does she make use of the spells she has?

What do you think?