Urban Druid



Feb 13, 2004 23:25:18
Anyone bought that issue:

Dragon #317
Urban Druids
by James Jacobs
The druid class’s nature gets civilized. With buildings as their trees and streets as their rivers, this highly anticipated character class protects cultural centers as jealously as their wilderness-bound brethren guard their groves.

Could be extreme enough for Athas, what with Urik having a guardian and all (RaFoaDK).
Could be very appropriate if Abbey's concept is taken as fact, being that a people can bring a city to life and thus generate, for lack of a better word, a spirit of the land (guardian) who protects the city as a living thing, just like it would do an oasis or a mountain, albeit the people, even Hamanu, are unaware of it.



Feb 14, 2004 8:37:58
I liked what I saw in the article, but I didn't think about the DS implications.

Good call, I think that would work perfectly.


Feb 14, 2004 9:45:22
I was thinking immediately of Pavel's one time drawing on the spirit of thecity.


Feb 17, 2004 2:24:42
Dark Suns equivalent of the Urban Shaman from Shadowrun anyone ???



Mar 19, 2004 15:46:59
Discovered the inspiration for this character class!


So who wants to write up the NPC stats of Bette Midler, the Bard/Urban Druid? I'd do it myself, but don't really know the system...

By the way, Pennarin, I like the idea very much. I want to throw this in to be stewed. Maybe Hamanu and other SKs know about Urban Druids in their cities but feign ignorance. If I were an SK, I'd like to have a moderately powerful UD in my city-state. Gices me just that much more juice when I decide to defile. However, I would watch him like a hawk, perhaps while pretending to be unaware of his or her activity...


Mar 20, 2004 13:21:51
Well, the city is an environment and an indirect product of nature. Nature spawned humans and humans spawned cities. Afterall, we say an ant hill or a bee hive is a part of nature, even though it was made by insects.


Mar 20, 2004 14:27:12
well, I always thought that the sorcerer kings let some druids take care of their garden, maintaining an uneasy status quo with them, meaning not burning them to ashes.

but those druids who tend the trees of life live in the cities.