UnOerthed Arcana?



Feb 14, 2004 9:25:20
I started my undersea GH campaign in 1998. Granted, it already had aquatic dwarves, goblins, half-orcs, and kobolds before the release of (3e) Unearthed Arcana. Needless to say, I don't mind WotC releasing products with more aquatic content, as that may encourage more DMs to create undersea adventures and more players to seek them out.

Since most of UA is declared Open Game Content but is not in the SRD (yet), how many other GH DMs will be incorporating bits of UA into their campaigns? I am tempted to included bloodlines, totem barbarians, and magic item familiars into the next revision of my campaign's background.


Feb 14, 2004 10:12:13
The original Unearthed Arcana from 1985 was my favorite AD&D sourcebook. I will definitely be taking a close look at the 2004 rendition of that work. I am not into the aquatic aspects of D&D, and I think the 3.5 Ed. DMG covers that topic well enough. But I am interested in the other items, classes and rules in the new Unearthed Arcana.

By the way, I got mine from for $24.47 and shipping was free with another product I bought.


Feb 14, 2004 11:12:40
Amazon is definitely the way to go. I do that all the time myself!;)

I do like the undersea environment simply because not a lot has been done with it so there is a lot of room for growth and creativity. In my campaign world, I have even created a massive udersea metropolis of merfolk but never knew really what to do with it. Now there are more avenues open for adventure.


Feb 14, 2004 14:11:06
Rhineglade, you should change some names around to make it Greyhawkish and submit it to Canonfire ) I'd love to see something like that.


Feb 14, 2004 14:36:29
Got mine and am definitely looking at the Domain/Variant Specialist Wizards, totem barbarians (Wolf and Tiger Nomads?), and maybe action points.

I am thinking of using Action Points as rewards for good roleplaying. Kind of like a coupon to be redeemed later.

All of the combat and damage variants just seem to make it less like D&D.


Feb 14, 2004 15:53:45
Originally posted by abysslin
... change some names around to make it Greyhawkish and submit it to Canonfire ) I'd love to see something like that.

Once I rewrite my campaign background to incorporate some UA changes, I'll submit that to Canonfire's been awhile. ;) (See the Background section in my link below)


Feb 14, 2004 16:15:47
Aeolius, I've read your web pages in their entirety and your 2 CF! submissions already )

The Sahuagin of the Azure Sea, a submission by Osmund-Davizid, was also a very well written underwater submission.