Kooth stats - planewalker



Feb 15, 2004 21:38:13
while reading the planewalker chapter 2 - races. i came across the khaasta's weapon proficiency for the kooth. does anyone know the stats for it? i working on putting everything into a etools dataset. and thats the only thing i have left to figure out. that and the synergy bonuses for knowledge planes, wether they stack or not.


Feb 16, 2004 21:47:13
I'm confused by most of that post. I don't know anything about a kooth. One thing I can answer, though. Synergy bonuses have been done away with in 3.5. Or, at least, they aren't synergy bonuses anymore. They are now just unnamed bonuses, and should stack with anything.


Feb 16, 2004 22:37:01
I don't have a clue actually what that is either, and I can't really add any insight here since I wasn't involved with chapter 2 at all. Hmm, time to ask the writers of that chapter.


Feb 17, 2004 0:38:25
it describes the kooth as a 10ft pole with a curved crescent blade on each end. but doesnt give any other stats.

the synergy bonus (or unnamed bonus in 3.5) is from the skills and feats chapter. it says that for every five ranks in a knowledge planes of a particular type of plane (ie outer, inner, elemental) that you get a +2 synergy bonus to all other knowledge planes of that type. so if you put 5 ranks in Knowledge-Planes-Earth youd get a +2 on air, fire, water (and possibly wood). what im curious about is the synergys are cumulative. say if you then put 5 ranks in Plane of Water, would you get another +2 to air, fire and earth.

im entering the table as that bonuses are cumulative.

i think that makes a little more sense. hope so anyways...


Feb 17, 2004 2:27:29
you readed wrong the weapon description:

Kooth Proficiency: The kooth is the khaasta’s ritual weapon, two crescent blades in a 45° angle to each other on a 10-foot pole. All khaasta are proficient with the kooth.

that means something like this >----- or this )------


Feb 17, 2004 11:55:29
thanx caoslayer... when i typed it i wasnt looking at the chapter. just trying to remember it from my head. but it still doesnt give any damage or crit stats. this is how i would stat it.

2d4 slashing X3 reach 10ft, but cant use against an adjacent oppenent. +2 on disarm attempts.

but it could also be used as a double weapon with 1d6 bludgeoning on the other end. like a quaterstaff.

ill probably just enter it as the first one until one of the writers clarifies it.