Help with books



Feb 15, 2004 21:53:35
As you guessed from my nick, I don't live in the US of A. however, I am hooked on the dragonlance history and characters. Ordering the books overseas costs me a bundle, but I got a nice bonus in my last paycheck that deserves to be spent on a good cause.

However, I still cannot buy all the books I'd like to, so I need your help to find the ones showing the parts of the saga i am most curious about:

1- Which books described the Blue Lady's war? With Kitiara's death, Dalamar scheming and all that.

2- Which book shows Gilthanas meeting Silvara again? Not "the Odyssey of Gilthanas"...I already own that one.

3- Is there any book detailing the adventure of Gilthanas and Silvara to retrieve the eggs of the good dragons during the war of the lance?

thanks in advance.


Feb 16, 2004 0:39:51
1) The "Legends" Trilogy: Time of the Twins, War of the Twins, Test of the Twins


Feb 16, 2004 2:08:53
2- the dragons of a new age trilogy.
3- no.