Well of Worlds - Missing "The Mazes"



Feb 16, 2004 9:55:10
I am obsessed with Planescape.

I have every official Accessory and Adventure published (except for the blasted Sketchbook). I write my own Adventures and stories based in the setting. I dream of all things planar.

This is why it irks me to no end that "The Mazes" adventure in "Well of Worlds" is missing in my collection. I don't want two copies of "Love Letter". I want "The Mazes".

I know printing mishaps occur now and then. But why this one?

My question is: Did TSR ever release "The Mazes" as an errata to "Well of Worlds"? If so, does anyone know where I might find it?


Feb 16, 2004 10:18:52
Do you mean the adventure relating to Timlin's Maze and the quest to recover his sword 'Lightbringer'? That adventure is included in my copy of "Well of Worlds" and I'm sorry to hear that yours contains a printing error.

I'm not sure if there are any 2nd-hand copies of the book on sale, but perhaps you could try ebay. Also, swgames.com where you can buy a PDF for $5, see:


I've heard of the PS sketchbook, but don't believe that it was ever available commercially. There was a link posted to an eBay auction some time ago, but IIRC the item was withdrawn (as it contained lots of copyrighted material and was not an official product). Thanks,



Feb 16, 2004 15:05:35
Check over on Ebay, 'Well of Worlds' comes up with some regularity there, and I've never seen it go over $30 max. I found my copy languishing on the shelves of a hungate's hobby shop though. ;)

And w/ regards to the unofficial Planescape sketchbook that Dana Knutson produced, I don't have a copy, have never seen it for sale, and I'd all but give my left kidney for a copy to complete my collection. Heck, I'll give my players' kidneys if that'd help.:D


Feb 16, 2004 17:08:47
Shemeska, I'd give your groups kidneys for it...


Feb 16, 2004 21:34:53
Originally posted by primemover003
Shemeska, I'd give your groups kidneys for it...

*snicker* I may have some spare kidneys on my hands then in the next few weeks. They, well one of them, got a bit impulsive (not the cipher even) and killed an Arcanaloth within the Tower of the Arcanaloths who had brokered a deal between a group of Dao and his unknown client at the time to assassinate a sapphire dragon associate of the PC's in exchange for her hoard.

The PC's wanted to get the hoard back and so approached the Dao to find that their pasha who had signed the deal had been killed shortly afterwards (presumably to silence a witness). His daughter agreed to return most of the blood money in exchange for the 'loth broker's head.

The PC's found him sitting ale in a bar in the gate town of Excelsior with no guards and a smug attitude. He claimed to be in the service of a new client, a solar in proxy to Geb of the Egyptian pantheon. The PC's didn't take this much into account it seems, or didn't believe him and rather than kill him in the middle of a room full of Archons they took his offer to go talk somewhere in private.

Well, he opened a gate to a chamber of his back in Gehenna with a large window looking out over the void. One PC looks out the window and asks about high up they seemed... I replied about 2 miles up. All the players get a worried look on their faces, realizing just where they are. *snicker*

The 'loth sat down and proceeded to be more smug and unyielding. Well, one player got overanxious and rushed him. I now hate power critical and mercurial greatsword. The resulting chain contingency upon the 'loths death almost killed a few people and they beat feet out of the tower seconds later.

Suffice to say they killed a middle ranking Arcanaloth in the Tower of the Arcanaloths, and did so while inside the tower itself. The Keeper of the Tower at least is unlikely to take action officially since, well, his underling was irresponsible and stupid enough to let them in and get himself killed. However the 'loth wasn't killed, but shunted into a dimensional pocket where he'll reform given some time. He won't be happy, and neither will his Solar client if he was telling the truth.

So wait a few weeks and you may have some kidneys to give away. ;)