Before I bother digging through my closets for the old boxed set...



Feb 16, 2004 23:02:13
Hey there,

I'm looking to get a little more reference material for Greyhawk. I've got the LGG, and I know that, if I look around in enough boxes of my old junk, I can probably find the old box set of the Greyhawk Campaign Setting. My question is, is there anything in that older material that I would find to be useful today, or is the LGG simply an updating of that material?



Feb 16, 2004 23:18:52
The LGG is indeed an update. But don't assume that your old boxed set isn't useful anymore. I'm sure you can find may uses for it. I still utilize my From the Ashes boxed set which works just fine for me.

Ultimately you will decides the usefulness of each of your products.


Feb 17, 2004 3:49:13
Yes, also i think the city of greyhawk(very good book, updated later but the source is quite rich) and the "markland/city of skull/iuz the evil/ivid the undying" can help you a lot more for designing specific area and creating adventures. The old greyhawk box won't help you a lot, but it so good to read it.....


Feb 17, 2004 9:47:47
The LGG is a good overview, but I think the older products are still useful for their details, many of which simply didn't fit in the LGG.