The Undead Sea Scrolls 2003 is launched !



Feb 17, 2004 16:55:31
Esteemed brothers and sisters,

It is with a great pleasure that we inform you that the awaited Undead Sea Scrolls 2003 is launched this week !

You will be able to find this huge (nearly 340 pages !) netbook from the FoS site (, in the library section. The 2001 and 2002 editions are there as well

We would like to thank everybody that submitted stuff to this year's USS.

Here’s the summary of content for this year’s USS:

Edition 2003 contains:

- 36 articles !

- Many cool NPCs, new DM tools, domains, awful monsters to frighten your players, Masque of the Red Death articles, etc. !

- The return of the Dread Art Gallery ! (cool drawings, poems and story)


Our 2004 netbook guidelines have already been posted at

As usual, we would like to have your feedback on the USS 2003 (and the authors on their specific articles), on the FoS netbook feedback board -

Thanks for your attention, and don’t mind the dark greasy blotches on the book’s edge …

The Fraternity of Shadows,
Richemulot Cell,
USS Editor

Dion, Eddy, Jason, Joël, Nathan and Stephen