Q: Epic Manifesting



Feb 17, 2004 17:08:47
Page 49 of the Epic Level Handbook describes numerous psi-oriented names for psionic epic feats.

Page 102 describes the use of the feat Epic Manifestion.

I heard lots of time that the ELH dosen't differentiate between epic spellcasting and manifesting.
How does it work?


Feb 17, 2004 17:39:41
Epic Manifesting is just a renamed version of Epic Spellcasting, but focuses on Psionics. You take the system outlined for Epic Spells, and then have to "make your own" system for Psionics based on it, using the similarities between the two systems to your advantage. The easiest method is to simply use the same system all-around. Technically, Epic Psionics shouldn't use power points (just like how Epic Spells don't use spell slots), and should be built by making some epic psionic "seeds" like the spell "seeds" found in the ELH.

Before wrapping your head too much around the system, try this: Generate 2 epic-level spellcasters (make them... level 27-33 or so, for simplicity), I suggest Wizards, however any work, as long as they can cast 9th level spells. Rig one up to use his normal spells with metamagic feats, including giving him the feats that allows him to cast 10th, 11th, etc. level spells. Automatic Quicken Spell is also a fun one to give him. Rig the other one to use Epic Spellcasting. Now, keeping all other things equal, (abilities, skills, race, etc), compare the effectiveness o the two spellcasters. You will find that the one not using Epic Spellcasting is actually substantially more impressive and powerful than the one that does use Epic Spellcasting. The Epic Spellcasting rulesystem is fairly broken. However, I've recently become aware of a system similar to it presented in d20 Modern, and am looking into the idea of sort of taking the better parts of both, and trying to make a working (IE: not broken) version of Epic Spellcasting, which I might present as an alternative rulesystem for them.

Unfortunately, I believe that the Epic Manifesting conceptual design is just as broken as the Epic Spellcasting design found in the ELH. As such, I don't recommend it.