Let's flesh out Pashin!



Feb 18, 2004 3:44:35
So i just started an all newbie campaign with the Sylvan Key adventure in the back of the DLCS, and really quickly got off track. The party consists of a Paladin, a cleric of mishakal, and a white robe. They quickly got in trouble with the local KoT police, and the cleric and paladin were tossed in jail for assorted crimes, among them 'being an elf in public'. So the white robe managed to escape, and with the help of the kender npc, broke the party out of the jail cell they were being held in (along with assorted drunks and stuff).

So basically, i want to flesh this town out. That way we can all have adventures here while waiting for KoD =)

First, Pashin imc is run by the KoT with a rigid law. No weapons in public. No public brawls. No usage of magic without a licence. All non human races must be registered. Failure to comply results in a hefty fine and potential jail sentance. Those who cannot pay are sent to work off their debts in the Mines of Zoraphur, in the nearby mountains, until double the fine cost has been recovered.

The Mines are run by a cantankerous old Daergar named Drochmel Leadeye. He's a 7th level fighter/2nd level expert miner, who walks around with a lead facemask all the time. He has a deal with the KoT to share profits with them and run the mines for them, as long as they provide the upkeep and labor force. The mine complex is pretty big, and has a lot of potential for good old dungeon crawls.

The town itself is run by General Dogah, a fighter 5/knight of the lily 6. He rules with a strict iron fist, leaning more towards lawful than evil. His knights are barely on this side of thug, though. The populace manages to get by, following the laws and obeying the curfew. Think palanthas in dosf.

The jail cell for local drunks is watched by Warden Walleyed, called Wally by his friends, and his pet Dire Rat.

Thats about all i got to detailing in my game session tonight. I also noticed that the area around Pashin is also perfectly suited for running the low level D&D adventure _The Sunless Citadel_.

Any ideas?

-edited to match the dlcs a bit more. but there aint no half orc mystics in my town.


Feb 18, 2004 8:35:35
Yeah, I noticed that about the Sunless Citadel as well. That should serve as a great stalling tactic until KOD comes out.
I was curious, were you thinking of having Pashin serve as the town in that adventure, or some other little made up town near Pashin?

I like the ideas you have so far. Maybe the Knights also have some type of arrangement with a group of ogres in the region- something to the effect of "bribe us not to invade and kill the people in this dinky little town". Just another dynamic to add to the complexity and potential to keep a group in the area.


Feb 18, 2004 11:22:41
This is a great idea for a thread Talinthas, it will certainly help many Dragonlance DMs waiting for the Key of Destiny.

I think that the KoN would probably charge a gate tax upon entering Pashin, and possibly upon leaving as well.
As for weapons, I imagine the KoN would probably secure the weapons some how (I remember this being introduced in a DnD 3.0 adventure one or two years ago, but I can't remember the name) or charge another tax- like a weapon's license. Though I'm not sure on how much any of these taxes would cost, probably no more than a steel or so.

With the influx of Elven refugees, and possibly afflicted kender from the Desolation, a sort of ghetto could exist outside the town walls. This would certainly give any players used to standard DnD Elves an introduction to the pitiable condition of the Elves of Ansalon.

Would the KoN keep slaves? If so, then the market area of Pashin may have an area for slave auctions. This sort of horror should trouble any good-aligned characters and may lead to them attempting to help slaves escape, or they could become slaves themselves and try to find a way out.

What other sorts of laws might the KoN introduced to Pashin?
Right now we have curfew, new taxes, and the registration of non-human races. Am I missing anything?
There would certainly exist some limitation on religious practice and observances. Likely none of the Good or Neutral gods could be openly worshipped, and the worship of some evil gods may even be frowned upon because the KoN tend strongly toward mysticism in the 5th Age.

Any other ideas?


Feb 19, 2004 7:32:06
Did you get the ideas for the taxes and stuff from the novel, Dragons of Summer Flame ?



Feb 19, 2004 12:34:27
I don't think I got it from Dragons of a Summer Flame, but I very well may have drawn upon it subconsciously.


Feb 19, 2004 12:43:25
dunno about him, but i was totally drawing from DoSF, cause its the best representation of a subjugated city we have.