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Feb 18, 2004 14:26:37
Well I had another post about making a character that would work in FR/PS..but right now the game looks to stay around PS for awhile and I was considering making a Khaasta character..probably a fighter since my group needs a frontliner. Now I am supposed to make a level 10 character..and the Lvl Adj is +3 for this race..but when I read more it says it has 3 hit dice..and that level 1 is like a level I am really freaking confused..

So basically..if I am allowed to make a level 10 character..what is the ACTUAL level gonna be for a Khaasta? Am I going to be making a level 7 character, or a level 4 character?

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Feb 18, 2004 15:53:31
The race is ECL+3, and has 3 racial hit die. With no class levels, you are effectively considered a 6th level character. With one class level, you'd be considered 7th level, and you'd have 4 hit dice, 3 from race and one from class level.

For a 10th level character, you'll be a khassta, with 4 class levels, giving you an effective level of 10, though you'll only have 7 hit dice. 3 of those hit dice are whatever hit die the khassta get, the other 4 will be from whatever class(es) you take with the 4 class levels, unless the khaasta description states something like "Hit dice: Increase to ".


Feb 19, 2004 7:21:24 I would end up making a 4th level Khaasta insert-class-here? Man..then I guess I will do a different race, heh

Got another question that applies to rules..monks are supposed to be any non-chaotic or any lawful (can't remember which)..yet their plane is that of Limbo which is chaotic..and githzerai are typically chaotic..yet their favoured class is monk..

So do I say that monks are non-chaotic unless it pertains to a githzerai? Or do I make a githzerai monk with a lawful alignment?
I mostly ask because our campaign just entered Limbo and we were just about to enter a githzerai monastary when we ended the game that night. So how can a monastary full of these non-chaotic monks last for long in a plane of chaos?


Feb 19, 2004 13:11:24
Accordingly to the (french translation of) Manual of the planes or the Psionic handbook, githzerai have an alignment "any neutral" and about their favored class is said "githzerai monks are lawful neutral".

Well, Githzerai aren't Slaads and they don't come from the plane of limbo : they settled in. So, i don't think they should be concidered specefically chaotics.


Feb 19, 2004 15:17:44 just seems an unnecessary change from 2e in my opinion. I think I would have given them fighter or psion (psychic warrior perhaps?) as their favored class instead of monk.


Feb 19, 2004 15:30:38
Right. Githzerai are one of the races where calling them "chaotic" or "lawful" gets a little bit insipid. They're fiercely independent, hate being told what to do, and generally are the pinnacle of what many call "chaotic" except that they are rigourously self-disciplined, have a rigid social system with a single authoritarian figure at the top, and adhere to it exactingly. They make their home in a plane of chaos, but do so by applying their will to force the plane to stabilize around them.

Basically, they're not chaotic. They're lawful, but strongly independent-minded. Well, except the ones that really are very chaotic. There've been those too. But in general, I wouldn't call them a generally chaotic race.

I would say most Githzerai count as "Lawful" for the purposes of being a monk. The lawful monk requirement is supposed to signify the capacity and desire for self-discipline, which I'd say they fulfill. (If you can impose your will consistently on a plane made of chaos, you can probably do your monkly practice everyday.) Actually, I'd say most of them are lawful anyway, but some people would argue that their strong independent streak and all it entails would put them squarely in the "chaotic" category.

I would have left their favored class as fighter or psion as well, but then again, my group doesn't really use the rules for favored classes. Multiclassing that much doesn't come up very much anyway.


Feb 19, 2004 17:02:20 I got another question..I was thinking of making a Tiefling Paladin but not sure if that would really be possible or not..I mean I heard there can be a half-orc paladin and a halfling paladin..basically I wanna make a character that is very rare..yet remotely possible. So are there any Tiefling Paladins out there you have heard of?

Maybe with revenge on it's mind..wanting to destroy all of umm..the side of the blood war Tieflings would fall into?


Feb 19, 2004 17:14:27
Tieflings have no side of the Blood War. They are the mutts of the universe. Human with a trace of "something else" that "soemthing else" being shadowy and lost to time. Some tieflings have Demons or Devils or 'Loths in their heritage. Some have Bladelings or Rakshasa. Some will never ever know why they have horse-like feet AND an armored carapace. And some are such a mix of different bloods that there is no possible way to ever discernt heir parentage.

Tieflings can be any alignment and any class. Tiefer paladins aren't THAT rare, they're rare but not particularly so. They're not like Pit Fiend Paladins or Water Genasi Pyrokineticist.


Feb 20, 2004 1:48:17
Originally posted by Sucineri

Maybe with revenge on it's mind..wanting to destroy all of umm..the side of the blood war Tieflings would fall into?

Revenge seems like a goal that doesn't suit the paladin to much.

person 1: revenge isn't evil, you're just out smiting evil keeping it from spreading
person 2: yeah, but you're smiting
person 1: if I don't the orcs will kill the humans
person 2: but the orcs have babies
person 1: the babies will grow up evil
person 2: nu-uh
person 1: uh-hu
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Feb 20, 2004 7:48:27
Okay..well if there is no blood war connection then no need to worry bout revenge, eh?