A Call for Artists



Feb 18, 2004 14:32:20
If you have some artistic skills, want to get your skills some publicity, are a fan of Greyhawk, and don't mind working for free ;) at your convienence, Canonfire is seeking some one like you to do cover art (and perhaps very few pieces of interior works) for a new "Canonfire Adventures" project the staff is working on.

It is the intent of the Canonfire Staff to convert those sometimes extraordinary and large submissions recieved into a more publicized and downloadable e-book, or CFA (Canonfire Adventure). Other CF books may include collections of CF articles pertaining to the same topic or similiar dependant upon author permissions ofcourse.

The CFAs, for the time being, will not have a release schedule so a huge time commitment is not required. Details on an author line-up or any sort of scheduling is still in the construction stages, but the staff is looking to get an artist on board now, before final decisions are hammered out.

It is my speculation that the work would be done with very little supervision with perhaps a slight bit of collaberation between artist and author.

If this sounds like something that may interest you, please email me! [email]abyss@canonfire.com[/email]