My evil conspiracy...of good...or something



Feb 18, 2004 22:20:20
Alright, confusing title. Well, You see, in my group, I have a human Paladin, a half-elf Ranger, a half-elf Sorcerer(me! I'm also the DM), a kender Sorcerer who's really a brass dragon(heheheh), a bozak draconian(hasn't got a class yet, he's a 5th level Bozak monster class), a centaur(same deal as the Bozak, but he plans on being a druid), a Silvanesti elven rogue/wizard/fighter/barbarian/ranger(I'm serious), and two NPCS, a human noble and a wild tribal kender that we found living on a desert island. Well, we're all good-aligned, except for the half-elven ranger and the silvanesti elf., who are neutral, the first on eleaning more toward good an dthe other leading more toward evil(he actually suggested once when we went to lengths to knock out some bandits that we make small incisions with daggers all over their bodies, just for fun). Well, the rest of us(the players, not our characters) have decided to give them something to ponder about the forces of good.

You see, we are soon going to be meeting up with Valthonis, or as I like to call him Valthy(we're tight like that). But, our characters don't learn that he's a god. In fact, three of our players don't even know it. Well, anyway, we get caught up with his followers for a while, and then later he sends on us some sort of mission/quest. Well, our plan(the good guys are in on it, you see) is that on this mission, we are up against unbelievable odds, an done by one, we all die. As we die, the player of that character will get up and go to a different room. Well, I have no idea what this quest should be. We have a few ideas, but no idea how to tie them together. There's one, in which the paladin wants to sacrifice himself in a duel with Sargonnas(well, maybe not him, but at least somebody very powerful) to buy us time. Our Bozak intends on jumping into a pursueing shadow dragon's mouth, blowing its head off. All we've really got for the centaur is that we find a barrier that we can't jump or climb, and him being the strongest one(he put his lowest roll into Str and still got ahigher score than the two "Tanks", the Paladin and Ranger), and the tallest, that he pretty much picks us up and throws us across, while he stays on the otehr side and is horribly slaughtered. Me, I plan on uttering a Word of Creation that Valthonis speaks to me before we leave, which destroys a bunch of evildoers but kills me as well. But, in the end, it's just the two neutrals, and as mu character dies, I walk away, and ask them what they're going to do next. Then, after a few moments, we all file back in and sit down, and it turns out that it was some sort of spirit-quest, and we never actually left. It's basically a big role-playing tool which give all of us(but especially the two who are not "in on it") a great way to learn more about our characters(yes, we're playing them ,but sometimes things unexpected happens. For instance, the brass dragon kender was just a normal kender, until Santa Claus interfered. Don't ask), and for our characters to learn more about themselves. And to show the neutrals that good is not some knid of foolish dream(which is what they beleive it is), but something more.

Now, as I will reiterate: I've got nothing for what our mission could be, what challenges we'd face, etc. Any suggestions?


Feb 19, 2004 3:46:14
I'd quite like to hear the story of the silvanesti rogue/wizard/fighter/barbarian/ranger neutral (evil) character. Also, if you're wanting to not look suspicious, don't have the other players leave for another room, get them all to sit around and roll new characters, it'll give them something to do, and I'm sure will be fun for the time being. You might even end up with someone changing characters.


Feb 19, 2004 16:08:18
Suppose when Valthonis gave up his godhood his sword, The Mighty Protector, fell to Krynn, and still held some residual divine power. You could have them retrieve the sword so it may be used in the employ of good. However, Valthonis doesn't know where the sword is himself, but there is one person who may know... The Herald. You could use the roleplay between the PC's and the Herald as a test in the spirit quest.

And, I know you asked us not to ask, but... Just how did Santa Claus interfere and beget that result?


Feb 19, 2004 19:45:54
Alright, Im not sure if I was clear enough, but it turns out it was all in their minds...

Also, I don't think they'll want to roll new characters, all of the PCs *HATE* the character creation process.

The Chaotic Neutral(with evil tendancies) Silvanesti Rogue/Wizard/Fighter/Barbarian/Ranger is in reality played by a powergamer who for some odd reason thinks he has the most powerful character(he says he can take the rest of us on, but a few magic missiles and elelmental darts from me would show him how wrong he is, but we're not actually going to ever fight), even though he only has 1 level in each class. But, he made it work in his backstory, so I let him do what he wants, within reason. Rogue because of his natural dexterety and sneakiness, wizard because he lived with a wizard for a little while, fighter because of all the fighting we did on our adventures, barbarian because he has a lot of rage over his village being slaughtered, and him being the only(known) survivor, and ranger because of the time we spent in the wilderness, as well as an adventure where we fought horde after horde of zombies(favored enemy undead). He assures me that he will not take any more classes, only prestige classes(and the only ones he can safely take are arcane trickster, arcane archer, and duelist, and possibly WoHS, if he ever works up his wizard levels).

And Santa Claus? Well, at Christmas time, we had a session where we met Santa Claus, who was a cleric of Mishakal who lives in Icewall with a bunch of elves(basically Silvanesti, but they were called the Santanesti) and a team of dire reindeer who all had harnesses of flight. Me and the kender where the only ones who believed in him, the others scoffed. Well, we showed them! He gave us some presents, and a quest: to help him melt the icy heart of a white dragon(not litteraly), of which he called in his friends Frosty the medium-sized Ice Mephit and Jack Frost, an Immoth. He happened to use his Santa-powers to detect that the kender wasn;t all that he appeared to be, which was as much as a suprise to him as it was to us.