DS compatible monsters



Feb 19, 2004 11:36:13
Hello again,

I was wondering if there is a list of monsters other than the ones presented in ToA from other sources. For example the Feind Folio, MM2, the various Creature Collections, etc.

If not, I have begun working on such a thing. Why? 'Cuz I like monsters

Any hoo, if anyone has any info, or wants what I have (when it is finished) let me/ us as a community know.

Thanks for looking!


Feb 19, 2004 11:52:09
I have been working on just such a list, on and off. It might be ready to squeeze into ToA last-minute but don't hold yer breath ;) Either way, I'll post it here like with the MM1 and MM2 lists.

Erasmus, if you wanna cooperate on this one that would be cool too. I'll bounce you a copy of what I've done so far, if you like


Feb 19, 2004 12:10:06
Sure, we could give it a go.

I am using the MM, MM2, FF, CC1, CC2, MoF(aerun), and the Monsternomicon to draw my list from.


Feb 19, 2004 12:12:24
Never heard of the Monsternomicon (neat name - heh) but I've got the others. Cool - something coming your way shortly

Oh, and there were some ideas being thrashed out regarding the ELH monsters here a few weeks back. Have to look for that thread again...


Feb 19, 2004 12:31:16
Originally posted by Kamelion
Never heard of the Monsternomicon (neat name - heh)...

It is by Privateer Press. It is a "steampunk" campaign setting. Pretty cool; lots of "terrors" that would fit well in the DS setting.


Feb 19, 2004 13:08:28
Just bounced you lists for BoVD, CC3, FF, MotP and Minis Handbook


Feb 19, 2004 13:17:31
Okiley dokiley.

When I get home, I'll bounce mine your direction.

BTW, I have a few mor e beasties from the FF that I think would work... I'll add those to what I send you with explanations. If that's Ok with you ;)


Feb 19, 2004 17:20:03
All good with me. I am the list monkey :D


Feb 19, 2004 22:59:36
It would be rather grand to create new Dark Sun monsters. The secret to the Dark Sun monsters is that they are either mixed up creates, that is a lizard with a beetles' pincer, or they are natural creatures reversed, the Athasian Tree Sloths, who are predators instead of plant eaters.

Some suitable Athasian beasts from our past would work as well such as,

Flying Reptiles
Mammal-Like Reptiles (Large lizards with fur and lay eggs)
Feathered Dinosaurs
Permian & Carbonfiberous Creatures
Sea Scorpions

And any creature from the future is wild, like land squid, fish with true flight, spiders that "Farm" rodents, tree squids, birds that squirt out acid and turtles large than dinosaurs.

One of these days I am going to convert all the creatures from The Future Is Wild to Dark Sun, one of these days.