Feb 19, 2004 20:32:58
Or is it Scro? Whatever.
Anyway, since we last talked about these guys, has anybody done more work on them? Or perhaps does anybody know of an alternate stat line?



Feb 20, 2004 6:54:45
Scro are a race of orcs that have recently appeared at the edges of the Known Spheres. Here's the basics:

400 years ago, the elves waged an all-out war against the goblins, kobolds, orcs, and ogres. This was the Unhuman Wars. A group of orcs rallied around one orc leader, called Dukagsh, who led them on a brilliant retreat to some remote world. Dukagsh realized that the orcs lost because they weren't organized, so he created a highly effecient, highly disciplined society of orcs. These became the scro. Somehow, Dukagsh became a demi-god, and his warpriests pretty much rule the scro race.

Scro are pretty tough (3 HD, 10% MR), for their day, and use some mean warships. They hate elves and attempted to restart the Unhuman Wars (sometimes called the War of Revenge or the Second Unhuman Wars), but were defeated. They're still around, but diminished. They did put up a fairly credible fight.


Feb 20, 2004 21:55:08
ahhh, the scro, my FAVORITE goblinoid race :-)


Feb 20, 2004 23:05:18
The Scro are kind of like a race of Spelljamming, super strong, super intelligent, cultured orcs who have evolved past the Orcish trait of raiding and plundering, instead conquering all they are able to that is in their path, this includes invading entire Crystal Spheres and the worlds within them.

Theres a great article on Scro in Dragon Magazine Annual #1, its an old issue(Was orginally printed in 1996 I believe) But its diffenently worth getting your hands on.


Feb 24, 2004 1:00:55
Interesting about Dragon Annual #1...that wasn't in the Dragon CD-ROm archive was it?

I know who the Scro are, we had a post on here about last summer-ish that had stats and a discussion on them. What I was looking for was a 3.5 update or revision of the stats that were presented here. Or maybe a different 'take' on them. Or any development that perhaps some you guys out there might be doing with the Scro. They are playing a rather big role in my current campaign.

I'm really tired as I write this, so forgive me if I make no sense...


Feb 26, 2004 13:32:09
Looking over Mark Doolan's Scro from his web site, I'm going to go ahead and use his rules. At first level, I thought they were a bit too much, but now that the party is 4th level, I expect the encounter to be quite different. I'm going to make up some NPCs and see what sort of kick-ass combinations I can churn out. For those of you who don't know who Mark is (he posts here a lot..Hi Mark!) or just don't know where to find his Scro, go here:




Feb 27, 2004 18:56:11
Hello Joel, thanks for the plugging the link for the scro. By the way do you ever plan to send me any art? LOL


Feb 28, 2004 22:00:28
Yeah, one these centuries I suppose....


Mar 07, 2004 23:03:22
i LUV my scro and even came up with a new version of them called a Sanarukka (2ns edition ad&d), or Sanarukk (for 3.0/3.5 d&d). a Sanarukka/Sanarukk is a demon skro, like the tanarukka/tanarukk in the forgotten realms, but stronger and smarter