EBoN collection for Planescape?



Feb 19, 2004 22:10:50
Has anyone actually made an EBoN chapter for Planescape?

Any of the genasi, planetouched, fiends, celestials, etc etc?

I haven't seen one anywhere, but it's entirely possible I haven't looked hard enough.

If there is none, I think I might try and make one if I can get a decent set of names to base it off of.



Feb 20, 2004 0:12:07
I cannot decipher your acronym.

Explain this EBoN.


Feb 20, 2004 3:24:16
everchanging book of names I believe. I'm not very familiar with them, which is why I hadn't replied.


Feb 20, 2004 17:25:15


Feb 22, 2004 14:05:47
Someone explain what is going on with this EBoN. The Cadence doesn't know, either.


Feb 22, 2004 15:48:19
Originally posted by Shemeska the Marauder
everchanging book of names I believe. I'm not very familiar with them, which is why I hadn't replied.

I believe that you are right, Shemeska. I think that he's asking for a planar random name generator, possibly one that has the ability to differentiate between the planar races. As an example, you would tell the generator that you needed a female baatezu name, and an appropriate name would then be given. It would work either by pulling up a name from its database, or by putting together common prefixes and suffixes for the race in question (example - the suffix -ial seems to be somewhat common for baatezu).

And to answer the question, I would hazard a guess and say that one doesn't exist and that if you have the knowledge and ability, you should create one to fit your needs, Kokoro.


Feb 22, 2004 16:23:19
If that's the case, then I have a few that might help.

It has a few weird names, but you may find some use with the Evil Deity Generator.

This one, though, has both a more professional-looking layout and access to other name generators: Angel/Demon Name Generator.


Feb 22, 2004 19:40:32
Sorry about that, I should have thought to spell the name out.

It's the Everchanging Book of Names, found here:

Basically what it does, is it forms a name at random using parts of existing names, so that it creates an authentic sounding name based upon its database. The base set has lots of Tolkein-themed databases, and on the website is a (restricted, unfortunately) Forgotten Realms database along with a Greyhawk one.

I figure that it'd be possible to make regional names for fiends, genasi, celestials, etc. using the program.