What is the fate of Sevil Draanim Rev?



Feb 19, 2004 22:32:39
Dear fellow lovers of the Lance,
Does anyone know the fate of Sevil Draanim Rev? In one scene of Dragons of Faith he opens a sewer duct that covers himself in sludge so the PCs are unable to find him. Do any subsequent novels, stories, adventures, or accessories reveal what happened to him? Highlight to read for a spoiler question no player should read. Of course since Sevil is Verminaard, so any ending of that Highlord's life applies to Sevil Rev. But that is beside the point. Does he stay in Flostam and become a crime lord? Does he regain his fallen staus? Or does he move on to another city?


Feb 20, 2004 0:00:59
The _Dragonlance Classics 15th Anniversary Edition_ supermodule has him make his way to Neraka and confront the Heroes there at the climax of the campaign. However, that product clearly sets itself off 'to the side' of "canon". I don't think any "canon" source has ever addressed Sevil beyond the events of DL12.

Matthew L. Martin


Feb 21, 2004 12:26:21
Well...I would think that by the current timeline he would clearly be dead by now....but how....I would think that the Dragonalnce Clasics Supermodule would be the best place for that answer, and I dont really see how it sets itself off to the side of canon, as it is the retelling of the classic chronicles story...I really didnt find anything else in there to be noncanon....if anything I see that things were added to it retroactively to make future canon fit in with it.


Feb 21, 2004 14:30:32
I do not own the Dragonlance C Supermodule so thanks for telling me that. He would probably be dead by now given that so many years had passed. It seems odd that Sevil Rev was such a terrific crime lord and yet he set himself up to fall from the eyes of Takhisis. Do you think he would have joined those oh-so-manichaean Knight of Takhisis after the war?

Now for my spoiler question, do any other novels detail what happened to Verminaard after he "dies" in Chronicles Book One at Pax Tharkas?


Feb 21, 2004 14:39:02
Nancy Varian Berberick's Stormblade does, because she followed the modules instead of chronicals. Uziel came up with a great obscure death explanation that makes it work, though.