Realitiy Wrinkles?



Feb 19, 2004 23:42:15
What are Reality Wrinkles? And where can I find info about them? I read something about them in the Ravenloft DMG.


Feb 20, 2004 9:59:21
I believe reality wrinkles occurs when a "minor plane shift" happens, and the demiplane of dread makes a short "fusion" with a place of another plane.

It's like you being in for a short time in the city of arabel (FR) but after a event occurs you find yourself back to a domain in ravenloft.

This event is may occur if a new darklord is being trapped be the dark powers.


Feb 20, 2004 10:53:04
Dark One, you're confusing a Reality Wrinkle with a conjunction.

A Reality Wrinkle is the fabric of the Ravenloft demiplane beuing distorted by the precense of a powerful evil or good force.

In 3e, all good or evil outsiders without the Mists descriptor (i.e. mainly fiends and angels) have a reality wrinkle. The radius of it is determined by the outsider's power and shrinks if the outsider performs power rituals, which bind it to the land, and make it even harder for the outsider to escape Ravenloft.


Feb 21, 2004 6:57:59
And to go further, from the FoS FAQ, a summary by Azalin (JWM):

How does reality wrinkle works ?

An outsider receives a reality wrinkle if it has either the Good descriptor or the Evil descriptor and it does not have the Mists descriptor.

An outsider loses its reality wrinkle if it "maxes out" its Corruption points (22+) or binds itself to a mortal (as in the case of outsider familiars).

Once an outsider loses its reality wrinkle, it can fail powers checks and even become a darklord just like anyone else. (Mists outsiders are an exception; they never make powers check because they are simply a malign extension of Ravenloft's planar fabric.)

A mortal who uses magic or special abilities (aka, "mortal magic") to temporarily change his creature type to "outsider" does not gain a reality wrinkle.

A mortal who permanently becomes an outsider as a class ability (such as a 20th-level monk) is considered to have "ascended" to true outsider status. Such a character gains any applicable alignment descriptors (Chaotic, Evil, Good, Lawful) and, if the ascended outsider gains either the Good or Evil descriptors, then the character does gain a reality wrinkle, just like a monk. The character is considered an outsider in all ways.

Evil outsiders (fiends) can perform power rituals and thus gain land-based powers.

Good outsiders (celestials) can also perform power rituals, but they cannot gain land-based powers; all they accomplish is to reduce the size of their reality wrinkle.

And yes, in the previous two paragraphs I am referring specifically to the alignment descriptors.


Feb 21, 2004 16:12:21
ouch... sorry.

Realitiy wrinkles are the fiend/celestial camp.