How is your Dragonlance campaign going ?



Feb 20, 2004 12:13:29
I would like to hear about everyone's Dragonlance campaign. I have yet to begin mine. I am just now having my players create their characters for my upcoming DL campaign.

I have about 5 people playing in my DL campaign. Aside from my homebrew which has about 20 players in it. Right now the Dragonlance teams consists of : 1 Female human barbarian, 1 Minotaur(Do not know the class yet), Possibly 1 Magic user, and I do not know what the others will want to make.



Feb 20, 2004 16:32:28
I've got 5 players in my Dragonlance campaign, which we've been playing for about 5 or 6 months real time and about 3 months game time.

All the PCs are 10th level now (we started at 2nd level) and here are their classes (roughly):

Player 1:
a. Kender rogue/diviner/fighter/ranger/steel legionnaire/swashbuckler. Hehe, there may be 1 more class he's got that I've forgotten about.

Player 2: He's really had a rough time (what with his PCs dying and all)
a. Human Paladin (died ~ 5th level)
b. Human Druid (died ~ 9th level)
c. Minotaur Barbarian/Fighter/Minotaur race class/Frenzied Berserker (died ~10th level)
d. currently making replacement PC

Player 3:
a. Human Mystic

Player 4:
a. Human Fighter/Cleric/Knight of the Crown (died ~ 7th level)
b. Human Sorcerer/Academy Sorcerer (died ~9th level)
c. Human Fighter/Sorcerer/Rogue

Player 5:
a. Human Ranger/Rogue

The PCs have chosen Haven as their base of operations and have made several strikes against the forces of evil in the area. One sojourn to the Kingdom of the Neidar (overrun by bad guys) cost the lives of 4 PCs ... but the PCs managed to bring back a very important artifact to prevent it from falling to the wrong hands.

The PCs have since been acclaimed as heroes by the people of Haven and have made numerous allies as well as acquired ~70 square miles of untouched wilderness as their own private demesne. Of course, now there's trouble brewing in Haven ...


Feb 20, 2004 16:54:47
You only forgot one, the other is mystic.



Feb 20, 2004 17:00:01
Sorry for those who saw this post already on another board, but I felt like sharing. We play our game tomorrow!

Name of Campaign: Dragons of Doom
Time Period: Post-War of Souls
Levels (start to finish): 1 - 5 (current)
How long it's been running: Early Summer 2003 - Present
Character info: Male Human (Solamnic) Noble/Fighter, Male Human (Ergothian) Mariner, Female Elven (Qualinesti) Ranger, Female Half-Elf (Kagonesti) Barbarian/Mystic, Female Human (Solamniic) Rogue, Male Human (Solamnic) Wizard - DECEASED.

Main Story Line:

The story began in Palanthas exactly one year after the death of the great blue dragon, Khellendros. A young Palanthian noble was sent to the dock to retreive a package being delivered by ship. Something strange related to the package caused the sailors and dark knights at the dock to attack those holding the box. The thieves guild of Palanthas dispatched an agent to steal the package, though she failed and fell in with the group who now found themselves on the run from the dark knights.

Escaping using sewer tunnels that led into the mountains, they eventually stumbled upon the lair of a very young red dragon who had been horribly scarred during the Chaos War. In an act of desperation, they open the box and discovered it was one of the lost dragon orbs! The orb helped them escape the dragon's lair and out into the wilderness.

In the wilderness, they found the ruins of a town not marked on any map. They learn from a strange elf that the town had been erased from all memory because of creatures of Chaos during the Summer of Chaos. By entering into a strange phantom-reality, they relived the town's last day and helped a pair of newlyweds to escape, preserving the town's memory and putting the forgotten souls to rest.

Reaching a farming community on the Solamnic plains, they find a murdered Knight of Solamnia and learn the town has been plagued by strange events and ritual murders. Their first night everyone finds themselves plagued by strange dreams, and waken to the grisly reality that their friend, the wizard, has been brutally murdered and the dragon orb stolen. They learn the murders are the work of a cult of Chemosh that equates sleep and death. By stealing the dragon orb, they can turn their nightmares into reality.


Feb 20, 2004 17:41:31
Well, my current one is only a couple of sessions old, but it involves a Solamnic ship-mystic, a Solamnic fighter/leather worker, an old Kayolin dwarf cleric of Reorx, a Solamnic-born ranger, and an afflicted kender rogue/barbarian.

The campaign started shortly after the War of Souls. The ship the kender and mystic work on usually would run an anti-clockwise journey around North Ergoth to Sancrist isle, the South Ergoth and back to Solamnia. The journey up north would stop in Godnest, before going to Gwynned, wherever it is that's on the coast on Sancrist, to the docks close to Silvamori, to their home of Starport again. They were awaiting a delivery of dwarven ale.

Enter the ale, with both dwarf and fighter. The dwarf's clan owns the ale, and so he was delivering it safely to the ship they'd hired to take it to Godnest, and had become friends with the fighter. They had also been accompanied by a Knight of Solamnia, and his squire, the little brother of the fighter. It turns out that the owner of the ship owes some amount of allegiance to the Knights of Solamnia, and so has redirected the ship to Silvamori - this Knight is a diplomat, and he needs to see an elf sea-sorceress for the Knights, since their navy is so badly supported, and they want to hire her indefinately.

The fighter, after getting severely drunk on this Knight's money, upon waking finds that the squire has played some form of practical joke, and that he's actually now out at sea by an afternoon - and even worse, the ship isn't carrying the ale he was supposed to be guarding. The dwarf came along, feeling somewhat protective over his adopted, wayward fighter.

Upon landing, the 'party', such as they were, did nothing for a few days, waiting for the Solamnic Knight to come back from his mission. He didn't, so the captain suggests to his mate (the mystic) that he go and look for him - and to take the kender (although not annoying in the traditional kender way, this one is very, very angry at a lot of things, and usually miserable). The fighter, and thence, the dwarf, also go, due to this missing brother.

They get to the tower overlooking the sea, and go in. It's abandoned, although nicely decorated, for the most part. They find the body of the Knight in the kitchen, surrounded by the smashed bones of two ogres. He died from a gaping, burnt hole in the chest. In the sorceresses library, they find a white dragonspawn, and prepare for it to attack. It doesn't, so after casting all their protective spells, they attack it. It dies.

In the caverns beneath the tower, they find the squire, in tears, and wanting to go home, so they do. They sail back to Starport, reporting to the Solamnics that the sorceress has vanished, and dropping the Knights body off for burial, or whatever the family wants to do with it.

They load their ale on board, and sail to Godnest. They reach there, sell the ale, prepare to load the ship with uncut gems, timber and other goods for the journey to Gwynned, when there are horns blasted from the light-tower (rather than lighthouse, because it's a squat builing for defence more than for lighting anything). On the horizon can be seen three large orge slaving vessels - and a white dragon - all making their way to the city.

The ships beach, unloading a horde of ogres and slaves driven by whips, while the white dragon takes out the artillery defense (but not before they take out a ship!). Knights of Solamnia ride out to battle the dragon (and nearly kill it - the ballistae on the ship nearly finished it off once it started to flee), before riding back into the ogre horde. Needless to say, 150 ogres could beat a dozen high level Solamnics, and a large handful of low-level ones.

The party, who had joined in the fight, awake in the hold of a slave ship, not chained, but stuck behind a metal grill. Eventually, they are met by a couple of ogres, who bring in food and water for the slaves, and the kender starts yelling at them. The mystic, not wanting any trouble, casts a silence spell on the kender, and it happens to block out the sound the ogres make. A plan is conceived.

The divine spellcasters held in the hold can still prepare spells. With the help of the two sword knights, the cleric and mystic would be able to shatter and silence their way out of the hold, if enough other people agree to leap on the ogres - there are about 80-90 slaves held here, and most seem to be the remnants of the army that failed to effectively oppose the ogres on the beach. The plan goes ahead, and the 'army' escape the hold, take the mess hall, the toilets, the food store, and the propulsion - two giant paddlewheels powered by four ogres a wheel. The ship slows down. Consolidating their hold on the ship (ie resting, and taking turns guarding those sleeping), the army pours forth again to take on the ogres, while an elite squad break into the captain's cabin, killing him and an ogre cleric, and recover the Solamnic's weapons.

Upon seeing the already fairly deadly Solamnics armed with their weapons of choice, the ogres fall back, and a surrender is negotiated. The ship is sailed back to Godnest. The party, having done the most part of the planning and execution of the plan, are awarded the ship, as long as they will occasionally do what the Solamnics ask of them - ferry passengers, trade something in particular with certain people, and so on. For the moment, they want to find out where the other slave ship - with the knight of the rose on - has got to. Best guess would be the same destination as the ship they were on, as revealed by the captain's log. Daltigoth.


Feb 21, 2004 5:20:17
Right now pretty good. I hope to run a game in it soon again.


Feb 21, 2004 17:27:34
We've been playing my campaign since 3e came out on and off. The characters are now about 10th level (started at 1st) and have had several diversions (Sigil) and one major death: Knight of Solamnia made a tactical error in battle and got cut down. The enemy immediately raised him as a zombie in the next round. His sister (character's sister) is a cleric of Paladine and immediately turned him. But she forgot how much more powerful she was compared to a zombie and dusted him instead. Oops...

We are playing post-War of the Lance no Chaos War or any of that crap. But the War of the Dark Lance is about to descend fully on the PCs, poor bastards...

Anyway, if you're curious you can check it out at and find the campaign history under Timeline.


Feb 23, 2004 23:21:10
Just completed character creation for a campaign set immediately after WoS. The PCs are a gnome with a life quest to become a Knight of the Rose, a half-qualinesti mystic, a nomad fighter with dreams of riding dragons, and a bozak draconian, and we'll be experimenting with paragon classes for the Krynnian races (similar to the ones from Unearthed Arcana). Should be interesting!



Feb 23, 2004 23:28:03
A gnome with a life quest to become a Knight of the Rose!

My only regret is I didn't think of it first. Sounds like you may have a good fun campaign on your hands.


Feb 24, 2004 8:14:35
Dragons of Summer Flame (Alternate edition).

I'm running a campaign that replaces the events of DoSF but keeps a similar type of storyline. Uses ideas from an issue of last years Dragon magazine.

In this story, the Irda stole an item called the SoulStone - an artifact from the Age of Dreams and tried to use that as a means to protect their home, but they realised an evil trapped inside, the Githyanki LichQueen!

Once freed she begins to plan a conquest of Krynn (Ansalon to start with) as a home for her race. This will replace the Chaos War but the same events will happen.

Characters as they currently stand:

Kar'os, Minotaur, Barbarian 3/Fighter 3, CN.
Talon Varianum, Silvanesti Elf, Ranger 3/Rogue 2/Fighter 1, CN.
Jahran Starbreeze, Silvanesti Elf, Monk 6, LN.
Promethicus (Theo), Human, Mystic 5, CG.
Gallic O'Riordan, Human, Bard 4, Ranger 2, CG.

Flotsam and Balifor have both been conqoured (that was their home towns for the campaign) and they are now travelling across the Plains of Dust (via Tarsis) to try and find the Tower of High Sorcery at Wayreth to find some answers on how to combat the threat.


Feb 25, 2004 23:08:25
My campaign has been going pretty well. We've only played about 4 sessions since we started in December though.

The Pc's have made it to Lv 6. There are:

Elven Fighter/Knight of the Crown
Elven Cleric
Human Monk
Human Druid
Kender Wizard
Minotaur Fighter
Human Sorceror
Dwarf Fighter (only for one session or so, leaves for military training in a couple weeks)

The PC's discovered a plan to starve out the citizens of Solace by some Hobgoblins. They took care of the threat and learned that a Renegade Wizard was behind it.

They just recently learned that trouble has been brewing in Gateway. They went there and found that nearly the whole town is sick from a poison in the towns water supply. The Local alchemist has made an antidote but doesnt have enough for the entire town.

The PC's find out that a nearby Crypt is rumored to have a fountain that is enchanted in a way that if something is put into it, it spreads to the towns water supply. Basically something that was used by Good Clerics centuries ago for special days. Like putting Healig potions in and when people in town drank the water they would be healed of ailments.

So now the PC's head there to put the antidote in the fountain before everyone dies.


Mar 02, 2004 14:14:13
I still have not begun my Dragonlance campaign(That will probably happen next week sometime.). I however do have the ability stats for one(The others are not done generating their characters yet.) of my players' charcters:

1st-lvl Minotaur Fighter

Str- 20 Int- 10
Dex- 12 Wis- 10
Con- 14 Cha- 6

(Uses a trident as his main weapon.)

..With that -6 modifier(Found in Key of Destiny preview.) to dealing with Pashin residents I think this guy had better let the other group members do the talking while in town. :D



Mar 02, 2004 14:55:21
My campaign is going rather well.
We have 5 players:

-2 Kagonesti Fighters (One ranged and one for in your face)
-1 Kender Rogue
-1 Gully Dwarf Mystic
-1 Silvanesti Wizard

Basic premise:
Long long ago the gods had created a different world as their project, before Krynn. The were unhappy with the results but couldn't bring themselves to destroy it, so they left.

The Khen-zai (Modified Etheralguants from the Fiend Folio) are those in the first project. The magic and divine power were stripped from them and they were extremely unhappy and vowed revenege. Over time they developed psionics, along with their dragons (the prizm/crystal dragons from the MM2) and started working together to get back at the gods.

One of the planeshifted to Krynn and posed as a psychaotic Irda determined to save her people. She managed to convince players to work for her and help the Khen-zai into their world. The players are thinking that this will help since they do not know the entire truth. She also used her powers to return the "vision" to the former knights of Takhisis that their god will return to power with thier help. With their newly found "vision" the knights begin building their strength of arms and will assault the high clerics tower.

In my modified version of the Ethergaunts they have a limited arcane spell immunity (like normal) but can caste psionics instead of magic. This puts them at a disadvantage against divine powers and thus their need of the dark knights against the clerics tower.

The PCs currently are in Palanthas and do not know of the Dark Knights on approach, but will soon.

All in all, lots of fun for the DM.


Mar 03, 2004 1:16:23
not bad so far. Classes/races are

mino barb/fight

human fighter

human cleric

human thief

They started in solance where they live all but the mino grew up there, the cleric left with his budy, they left for haven but after getting to about CL lake they got jumped by thirty goblins, they had three knight ofthe crow escouts but they were forced to retreat to get help, the party went to find them, the thief and cleric are bro/sis, but they only found the cleric, now there makeing there way to haven to find out what happend to there friend....

I don't even know ;)