Ever heard of Delds?



Feb 20, 2004 13:55:39

A long while ago, I saw someone's take on a unnoficial race for Dark Sun which I found kind of cool, and I've actually allowed it in one of my campaigns, and it turned out pretty well (though at the time it was 2e). Anyways, I don't know if someone could find the reference, or if I'm the only one who saw this, but here it is.

(BTW, the conversion is mine, but the original idea is not, though I don't know who to credit it to)

(Also, I am trying to convert this for standards of athas.org, not my own d20 version)


Delds are a rare cross-breed of elves and dwarves. Akin to muls in origins, delds are much rarer because of the few interactions between the two species, and the few who are found are almost exclusively the result of breeding between slaves. Even then, the actual natality rate is much lower than that of the muls, and most slavers do not even know that breeding between dwarves and elves can result in an offspring. Less powerful than their mul counterparts, delds are less fit for hard labor, but their incredible physical qualities make them ideal gladiators, and the few stable masters who know of their existence will go to great lenghts to acquire them for their masters.

Personality: As muls, most delds suffer from the hardships of slavery. Also, their rather unique nature tends to make them outcasts even amongst slaves, and most delds are very introspective persons, a socialise very little. Their true abilities shine in the arena, and most of them show a strange passion for gladiatorial duels, which resembles that of their dwarven parents focus, or their elven parents joy for the moment. Only there do most delds feel at their place.

Physical Descriptions: Delds physically resemble muls, but they are leaner than most of them. Their facial features are also slightly fairer, and they have longer and pointier ears. Delds have no body hair, but many of them do grow some hair on their heads, which many let grow in long braids or bounds in order to be differenciated from muls. Delds also appear somewhat younger than muls do at the same age, but they have an even shorter lifespan than their halfbreed counterparts.

Relations: Delds rarely form strong bonds with other slaves, and are almost never given the chance to spend time with either of their parents after childhood. Anyhow, were their origins be known, delds would be shunned by both elven and most dwarven communities as abominations.

Alignment: Delds are not enclined towards any particular alignment.

Magic, Religion, Psionics: Like all races, delds have potential in all these fields, but are not likely to develop any of them. Delds wild talents often make even more formidable gladiators, however.

Lands: Delds have no lands to claim for their own, aside from the slavepens of the city-states.

Names: Delds are usually given names in the Common tongue of slaves.

Automatic Languages: Common

Bonus Languages: City-state, Dwarven, Elven

Racial Traits:

+2 Str, +2 Dex, +2 Con, -2 Cha. Delds are not as strong as their muls coubterparts, but they seem to share part of both their elven parent's grace and their dwarven parent's endurance, combining the better part of both parents genome. However, the conditions of their uprisings usually leave them with a poor sense of self and difficulties in socialising with others.

Delds have a base speed of 30 feet.

Delds have Darkvision 30 feet and Low-light Vision.

Bonus Fighter Feat: Delds thrive in combat and pick up the gladiatorial skills very easily. At character creation, they recieve one bonus feat to pick from the feats available to fighters.

Favored Class: Gladiator

Level adjustment +1


Feb 20, 2004 15:19:32
Thought it was Dwelfs, not Delds? hehe


Feb 20, 2004 16:04:09
Dwelfs would be too obvious, and cheesy, IMO. Deld is better.