Feb 20, 2004 17:25:37
Consider this: In Lynn Abbey's novels, the guardian/spirit of the land is an alien entity with whom only a druid can hope to communicate. Thelami, being very wise, could do that, but it didn't talk to her with words or telepathy, but with a bond that is alien to anyone else.

The same is true of the mad spirit in 'Heat LIghtning'. It's not able to communicate and think only of the land.

Then there is Desverendi: has a name, is able to talk, is known of Korgunard and responds to his summons...

How come?
I would surmise that the spirit was once a druid/psi that become an advanced being...

He and Korgunard might even have helped each other in their transformations.

Opinions, ideas...?


Feb 20, 2004 17:32:51
Hmm... possible, problem i have with this is thus:

Druids don't like mages, even preservers, generally speaking. That's from canon material, BUT Avignons are also great forces of renewal, another little inconsistency in the cannon.

Basically, i thinks it's possible that three ways of becoming an avignon were developed:

The first, developed Oronis, is a magical transformation, as per 2e rules (20/20 + 10)

The second involves the assistance of a spirit of the an advanced being / spirit of the land - what you are hinting at.

The third... lost in time... is a Druid / Psion / Preserver (20/20/20 +10) who becomes an Avignal Spirit, gaurding a land with powerful magic...


Feb 20, 2004 17:41:32
By 'help' I referred to mitigating factors in the casting of an epic metamorphosis spell.

I don't think touching on alternative versions of existing metamorphoses should be touched on in 3E, only for homebrew.

My opinion... ;)


Feb 21, 2004 10:47:07
Though not stated in Dragon Kings, perhaps it is an essential part in the avangion transformation to convince elemental beings / spirits of the land that you want to become a power of renewal. The preserver has to convince the beings that, although he uses magic, he wants to heal the land.
That would be an explanation why an avangion is such a powerful force of renewal (he got his power from the land) and explain the mentioned outsiders in the metamorphosis spell.
Just an idea, I hope you got what I meant to say.