I've never been in ravenloft but im wondering about it



Feb 20, 2004 20:19:36
How is this world stand up to Greyhawk, black son and forgotten realms,
What makes it fun?
I enjoy horrorifying monster so would this world be good for me?
as a dm and a pc.


Feb 20, 2004 23:10:19
From my experiences, you need to have a group that understands what RL is to enjoy it from a PC point of view. The DP will never allow for certain things to happen and if you are playing with a good aligned party it is very difficult for them to remain that way, or to enjoy the game if they do not know how to take the joy in the small victories. This being because, overall, Ravenloft tends to reward/punish in ways that are more befitting to the Antagonists point of view. This is why it's gothic setting, it tends to focus more on the villians and what drives them and the beauty of their irony than the hero's causes.

Once again, from what I have read and experienced myself, the DP seem to enjoy struggles, for power, love, pursuit of just about anything, etc. Think of them almost as magicians, they keep your attention away from what is really going on to almost trick you into doing exactly what they want needed.

I have, however, been in RL games that have made my stomache turn, difficult as that may be. I have met people who run games that are absolutely grotesque and horrible and others who run it like the care bears meet dracula, overall neither were very satisfying. To me the trick is to make the PCs sympathize and relate themselves to the villian.

The paladin who cannot bring himself to kill suchandsuchvampire because he knew of the beauty in her heart she once had in her life before becoming a vampire, and because of the choices she unwittingly has made is now cursed to this horrible life. Even though he knows that she will go on to kill many more, perhaps even his friends, he cannot do it because of his compassion and sympathy that he feels for her. The goal is basically to find some form of solace.

I've always tried to make my RL games focus more on the emotions being conveyed through my players at a certain time. I like knowing that I can bring a group to argue over whether or not slaying the monster is the "just" or "right" cause, and therefore throwing a whole new spin to the way they think.

If I am wrong someone please post and correct me asap.


Feb 21, 2004 0:25:17
How is this world stand up to Greyhawk, black son and forgotten realms,
What makes it fun?
I enjoy horrorifying monster so would this world be good for me?
as a dm and a pc.

Ravenloft is lower magic than Greyhawk, more European and Gothic than Dark Sun, and FAR less "Uber /\/\4g!k p0\/\/3rz rox0r!!!" than Forgotten Realms.

Ravenloft is all about the Atmosphere and the tragedy and the depth of roleplaying. A lot of attention is given to the villains to make them deep, emotional characters with character flaws that strike sympathy and understanding with the characters. It's about struggling in a world where Evil is everywhere and there's no real hope of ever defeating it competely, but there IS hope of bearding it for a time or stopping it from gaining too much of a foothold. It's a place where good and evil take precedence over Good and Evil, and one has to live with the fact that the best choice is not always the most expedient one.

In short, its very mature gaming, and not just a hunting ground for vampire hunters.

I think anorie put it very well when he said:

Once again, from what I have read and experienced myself, the DP seem to enjoy struggles, for power, love, pursuit of just about anything, etc.

many stories set in Ravenloft are about Punishment and Reward. People tend to get what they deserve when all is said and done. sure, it might seem that the DPs have it in for everyone, but consider the fact that the Darklords will NEVER get their most desperate desires. Justice might be delayed, but not denied, even if it has to last through generations to be addressed. All the Darklords fell to their own character flaws. They weren't forced into anything, at least at first, but by refusing to acknowledge their moral failures, they've doomed themselves to deep and usually quite fitting justice.

Stories also revolve around Passion and Pride. Emotions that run deep are expressed or repressed, but they drive the stories and adventures. And Hubris, a man's pride in his own abilities and accomplisments is often the downfall of him and everything he holds dear. The Scientist who tampers with the laws of nature, the sinner who believes himself beyond the reach of the gods, the woman so conviced of her virtue that she believes herself immune to all temptation...they all built the foundations of their own downfall.

This sort of gaming is for you if you like trying to use your wits against your enemy's might and getting deeply into character to discover just why he feels the way he feels about something. It's immersive Roleplaying at it's finest, but like most things, it's not for everyone.

So if you enjoy getting into character over hack and slash, and you enjoy monster movies with a depth of plot over slasher flicks, then yes, you will enjoy Ravenloft.


Feb 21, 2004 21:02:43
well if anyone runs a game online


Feb 21, 2004 22:59:10
i run a game online..via irc..on friday nights..your welcome to sit in on a game...currently my game is full...but never know what will happen latter on...we play on sorcery net...the room is #night_of_terror..and we start at 8pm est friday nights


Feb 23, 2004 12:27:24
From what Stray said, this sounds like a awesome game, with a depth to it a lot like the World of Darkness series of games from White Wolf, (recently ended, sadly.) The games I played in had depth and feel, much like this, at least the games I played in anyway. This is something I would love to play, too bad that guy's IRC game is full. Oh well.


Feb 23, 2004 18:25:26
d00d! I've been sigged! :D

Now if only it were in context to what I said...:P ;)

Now, on to the topic of RL, I know that there are some online forum PBP games going on at the Cafe de Nuit on the Fraternity of Shadows boards...check there and see if any are accepting players.


Feb 24, 2004 11:03:27
PBP? Well I don't know about LARPing (is that what you meant by RL?). This whole Message Board thing confuses me, and I would rather stick with Chatrooms. Do you know of any Ravenloft Chats?

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Feb 25, 2004 0:48:26
PBP = Play By Post, a form of online gaming via Forum Posting.

RL = An abbreviation for Ravenloft. Sorry about the confusion.

PBP games are easy to set up, since you don't have to go through the massive headache of organizing a specific day and time for everyone to meet--you can just post your reply to the other posters, and come back when you have a chance. I don't know of any RL chatrooms, sorry.


Feb 25, 2004 21:02:52


Feb 26, 2004 2:55:49