The Trolls of Oerth



Feb 20, 2004 20:34:11
Here's my new article on I would appreciate some feedback either here or on the canonfire site.

Here' a little excerpt:

The Birth of Urdlen, the lies that have been fed into the ears of the gnomes were spread by this creature. Urdlen was forced to reveal himself to the gnomish race by the trolls, and was found to be responsible for the wars on Oerth. Urdlen was a creature spawned of all the evil of the cosmos, his sole reason for existence was too twist and warp all the races of Oerth. The gods of both pantheons united against this evil, with the wit of Garl and the spear of Agith, the creature known as Urdlen was sealed into the center of Oerth, were his influence over the gnomish people was weakened greatly. The War of the first had ended, and the Gnomish and Trollish people went there separate ways, each claiming lands for themselves forgetting any past alliances they had made.


Feb 21, 2004 9:08:37
I've just sort of been spot reading it, but I will deff be making comments and leaving you feedback when I'm finished, Argon.


Feb 25, 2004 23:40:35
Abysslin, thank you for your comments on my article! I truly appreciate it when someone gives me some feedback on my work. I took my version of Trolls from mytholgy as well as being influenced by the three billy goats gruff, tolkien to a lesser degree, ElfQuest, David the gnome, the second edition Vikings sourcebook, and Viking culture in general.

I was most pleased with the review you gave me on their mythological belief. D&D spawned the carrot nosed race susceptable to acid and fire. This was further reinforced by games such as warcraft and the many D&D based video games. I for one never allowed myself to be converted to this line of thinking and stood to uphold my vision of this insane race.