Question about Krynnspace



Feb 21, 2004 0:38:36
In Dragonhelm's guide to Krynnspace, it mentions that the Orcish races feel "extremely uncomfortable" while in the crystal sphere, as if someone is watching them, knowing that they are not one of their creations(The watching ones are the Krynnish Gods).

Is this also true of non-native Dragon species, like lets say, the Gem Dragons(Amyphyst, Sapphire, Emerald, Crystal, Topaz etc.)?


Feb 21, 2004 8:53:19
Gem dragons would find the same discomfort that any psionic-using individual would, but otherwise are not affected. I would think that, although the gem dragons are not the children of the gods of Krynnspace, they would be considered adoptive children.

How one gets a gem dragon to Krynnspace is another matter!


Feb 21, 2004 15:47:53
Lets say for instance, that an enormious ship manned by Gem Dragons of all five varieties(cargo is hundreds of Gem dragon eggs), somehow ends up in Krynnspace, and later crashes on the world, killing the adults, but not before they manage to save the eggs.

Would Takhisis or Paladine battle over control of these new Dragon species? Or would Majere step in and declare the Gem Dragons his property, like the Metallic are Paladine's and the Chromatic Takhisis?


Feb 21, 2004 17:28:09
Takhisis would, of course, try to take advantage of the situation, perhaps even trying to create gem draconians. Paladine would try to stop her.

Majere might take a liking to them, but their neutral nature lends them more towards falling under the domain of the neutral gods.


Feb 22, 2004 19:36:05
Isn't Majere neutral himself? I'm thinking of the Neutral counterpart to Takhisis and Paladine, ya know, the God whose symbol is a book?

Gem Dragons on Krynn would diffenitely change things I'd say. How much I don't know, but I suppose it would be up to the DM who included something like this in his or her game.

Heres another question: Does Takhisis have influence outside of Krynnspace?


Feb 23, 2004 17:11:15
You mean Gilean, not Majere.


Feb 23, 2004 17:17:34
Originally posted by Sword_Of_Geddon
Heres another question: Does Takhisis have influence outside of Krynnspace?

This depends on whether one believes that Takhisis and Tiamat are the same or not. If so, then Tiamat appears in the Realms and I believe Greyhawk as well. Likewise, Paladine would be known as Bahamut.

This is where it gets messy, though. First, some War of Souls spoiler space...



With the death of Takhisis at the end of War of Souls, one has to ask whether she, as Tiamat, would die in other settings if Takhisis and Tiamat are indeed the same.

Remember, the current timeline for Dragonlance is approximately 55 years ahead of Realms and Greyhawk time.


Feb 24, 2004 14:51:46
If they are one and the same, then yes, and such an event would have massive ramifications threwout the Prime Material Plane.

Tiamat is quite different than Takhisis however, as one is an active force seeking to dominate the entire Prime Material Plane(Takhisis) while Tiamat, on the other hand, usually is found inside her lair in Avernus, the first layer of Baator, the Nine Hells, chilling with her five Chromatic Dragon consorts(who are almost Demigods themselves). Unless of coarse, Tiamat's pressence in her lair is merely "Takhisis on vacation" in which case, they are the same.

As for Bahamut/Paladine, they are more similiar than Tiamat/Takhisis. Perhaps Paladine, after the dissapearence of Krynn, desides to extend his influence in other Crystal Spheres, where he is known as Bahamut, and is primarily a Dragon God, and not worshiped by other races. There is an old article in an old issue of Dragon magizine which details how Bahamut recently has begun building his non-dragon follower base.