[Minis] Ivana Boritsi



Feb 22, 2004 18:13:03

This format of giving each mini (or set of minis) its own page with review and discussion of painting choices is how I'm planning to revamp the presentation of minis from my web site (this one is not linked to the main page yet). Please let me know what you think, both of the painting and the writing...


Feb 23, 2004 0:30:46
Brandi, I am a fan of your work. But who is that old crone and what is she doing posing as the Darklord of Borca?:D


Feb 23, 2004 0:46:53
I don't paint or use minis, but I found the page interesting reading nonetheless. The talk about why you chose the colors should be useful for everyone.

A note on Ivana and the Black Box... the text even stated that the portrait was not a flattering representation of her.


Feb 23, 2004 1:35:57
Originally posted by Writer of Stuff
A note on Ivana and the Black Box... the text even stated that the portrait was not a flattering representation of her.

Glad you liked the writing! I probably should add the official Black Box note in there, but I ended up sort of reading in-between the lines. How long had it been since Ivan had seen his cousin? He may well have assumed that she was aging normally and given the artist a description, adding "oh, she'd be 47 now." Even a flatteringly-depicted 47-year-old will not pass for 18!

I might also have to go back and add a detail shot of the goblet Ivana is holding-- I made sure to give it the look of being filled with rich purple wine (violet ink).


Feb 25, 2004 11:28:33
I especially appreciated the brief art and history lesson. Trivial, perhaps... but recognizing who the sculptor is and their prominant style is something that I never really considered when looking at minis in general. But sure enough, there had to be a reason why one of the most attractive people in RL is so... ugly?

Now I know... the REST of the story.

Fun stuff. Keep it up! I'll read it, at least.

If I were going to suggest anything: perhaps recommendations of what minis you've seen since that you think capture the charcater better? "If you want a dashing Strahd, try this new one by Reaper..." (that sort of thing).


Feb 25, 2004 20:04:07
Well, I do have a few 'unofficial' minis in the works in the form of pieces for characters who were never done in the original Ral Partha line. Unfortunately, two of the three pieces are themselves out of production. Others are still in production but I haven't acquired them yet...


Feb 26, 2004 14:31:11
So which ones are you looking for? ;)

I'm feeling real pleased with myself this week, as I finally picked up 2 out of the last three Ravenloft minis figures sets I was in need of to complete my collection. I paid a fair amount on Ebay for the lesser wolfweres & the witches, but they have only come up once in about two years. Now if I can just find those village personalities!
I did also get a pack of the old Partha Crucible 'lesser flying monkies', I totally cracked up when I saw they included little vests & fezes.
Reaper has been coming out with quite a few minis that I think would be great for Ravenloft, I've been buying anything with a '- were' on it.
and I do like what you did with Ivana, considering what you had to work with! Congrats!


Feb 26, 2004 17:16:46
Originally posted by Catman Jim
So which ones are you looking for? ;)

The three I'm looking at are all RAFM pieces:

The Witches of Macbeth, which seems well-suited to the Sisters Mindefisk;

Angel of Judgement for Diamabel by day;

Winged Reaper for Diamabel by night (that one might need some modifying to the wings to make them more raggy).

I'm glad you were able to find the witches and wolfweres! Those don't seem to come up very often, *especially* the witches.

Edit to add: oh, when I mentioned OOP pieces before, I have them-- it'll just be hard for others to find them. They will make nifty versions of Knight-Protector Elena Faith-hold and the Splendid and Terrible Maharaja Arijani, though!