Monks of Majere Contest Winner



Feb 22, 2004 18:43:26
Hey, gang. I thought I would pass the following along from Margaret...

First, I want to thank everyone who submitted an entry. They were all good that it was difficult to make a selection and we're going to be using much of the material in the Holy Order of the Stars Dragonlance Campaign Supplement from Sovereign Press.

Since everyone submitted something that we found useful, we are going to be sending every person who entered a free copy of the new Dragonlance Dungeon Master's Screen, with the fabulous Larry Elmore painting and an exciting cast of NPCs for use in your Dragonlance game.

Second, I am pleased to announce that Joshua Stewart, of Beaumont, Texas, is the winner of the bo-staff naming contest. I will be using the name he suggested in the Dark Disciple series. He will receive an acknowledgement in the book and a free autographed first edition copy when the book is released. Ashes and Amber is due out in August, 2004.

"EMMIDE: A short metal stick that can be extended to about three feet in length. EMMIDE a little known word used by farmers in South America. It is an arm length rod that is used to knock fruit from the branches of trees so the farmer does not have to move around a ladder, tree to tree. The EMMIDE extends so the farmer can reach higher branches."

Thank you again to everyone who submitted material. We really
appreciate your help!



Feb 24, 2004 19:16:45
Just got my copy yesterday. Nice layout, and the moon tracking chart in all its glory is fantastic. Thanks Sovereign Press.