Alternate Feats



Feb 24, 2004 9:43:18
Well, from planewalker it shows a feat called "Merciful Strike" that can only be taken as a Son of Mercy..and you must have the "Smite" ability..but I was wanting to make a fighter character as a Son of Mercy, with tons of feats to incapacitate his enemies..but not to kill them unless he really has to. But I don't think it is right for me to HAVE to be a paladin to get this feat..I understand all the other reqs, but not the smite ability. Here is an idea..dunno if it will fly or not though..

IF you have the smite ability then you can use the feat twice per day, and if not you can use it once per day..or maybe just have it be once per day across the board..but I really wanna make a character with a lot of feats so he can kill easily IF needed..or to take an enemy down without killing it.

I can even see a monk having most of the SoM feats other than the caster feats.