Feb 24, 2004 12:23:34
I know this is rather Like wishful hoping but. I have looked High and low for a decent map of Port-a-Lucine, (ok the realy wishful thinking is in Campaign Cartographer format)

Has anyone either Got one or prepared to help reconstruct one? If anyone can help or is prepared to offer help please leave a post here or PM me.



Feb 24, 2004 22:44:55
try this great site....http://www.gryphonhill.com/


Feb 25, 2004 2:43:29
Yep thats one of the sites I frequent, but the map for port-a-lucine is rather primative, I have already spoken to them about either redoing the map or finding someone prepared to. I would love to myself but the website takes presidence. althought if I can find a b&w version of the map I will take it apart to rebuild in CC2. Thanks for the pointer though