the real Dragonlance campain



Feb 25, 2004 0:13:02
I was wondering if anyone knew what points were used when They created Tannis and the rest of the game in the D&D game, cuz I pay little attention to anything other then my girlfriend and TV :P


Feb 25, 2004 3:00:13
Im not entirely sure that I understand what this guy is asking....I dont even know where to begin.....I would be happy to answer any DL questions though....just clarify what it is you are asking and I would be happy to oblige


Feb 25, 2004 16:13:19
I'll move this to the Dragonlance board.


Feb 25, 2004 16:48:32
Originally posted by Angal
...what points were used when They created Tannis and the rest of the game in the D&D game...

I can't even begin to figure out what the question in that jumble is supposed to be.


Feb 25, 2004 19:09:27
I think that he is asking what point-buy was used when the game of Dragonlance that illegedly was the baisis of the books was used.
Not realizeing that point buy is really a 3ed thing.
And even still, most people (in my experence) don't use it.


Feb 25, 2004 20:04:31
What i am asking is the chars the book was based off, what points were used to make them, like were their stats rolled 28 32 or what, and I want to know if there is any where I can find to look at what there chars were, class and lvl and EQU.


Feb 25, 2004 22:19:12
The original campaign was played under 1st edition AD&D rules, which were very different from the rules used in 3rd edition. Their stats were almost certainly rolled, and in any case they would almost certainly not translate directly to 3rd edition.

If you wish to play a 3rd edition version of the original campaign, I suggest assigning stats that make sense according to the portrayal of the characters in the Chronicles.



Feb 25, 2004 22:47:20
The original Heroes of the Lance are now around 20 years old, and were originally created without any point buy method. They also had to abide by class requirements, too, so Riverwind has better ability scores overall because he's a ranger.

There's a very good chance that you'll see stats for these characters in the upcoming War of the Lance sourcebook, scheduled for this year (as it's the anniversary and all), but if you poke around a little you might find some unofficial writeups for the Companions by such folks as Joe Mashuga, Tobin Melroy, and some redheaded New Zealander who shall remain nameless.

By the way, I use nothing but point-buy for my campaigns. I prefer to leave the random die rolls for the actual game, not character generation.