Confused about Ecstasy



Feb 25, 2004 14:13:00
Now the Trancendent Order is supposed to be all about action without thought, right?
And Elysium (and its gate-town) is supposed to be its homeplane, right?
But according to A player's primer to the outland intro and this quote from planewalker, Ecstasy is a town all about thinking and philosophy.
"Everybody is allowed to climb a free monolith and ponder about whatever needs to be pondered. You know that thinking is one of my biggest hobbies, so I searched for a plinth close to a nice inn and joined the masses."

So are there no Ciphers in Ecstasy or what?


Feb 25, 2004 14:37:35
There are probably plenty but no one has taken the time from contemplating their navels to notice.


Feb 25, 2004 15:52:34
What's after hope? Weirdness. The people of Ecstasy are alien, profound, and incomprehensible all at once. They're like addled ravers, at once communal and profoundly alone within themselves. Their plinths were once nearer the center of the Land, but with the ascension of the previous gate town to Elysium, Hope, they became the new edge, the new bastion of good - such as it is. Not feeling up to the challenge, they retreated within themselves, hoping to find the strength to carry the good of the Land within. The gate-towns to the lower planes started sliding, only Hopeless remaining as an eternal representation of the struggle to survive against encroaching adversity.

Eternally childlike, untouched and unconcerned man-children, girl-women, lost boys, unwilling to grow up.

Where Hope ultimately ended up is anyone's guess. Those who have searched for it in the Elysian Fields have come back with nothing to report.


Feb 25, 2004 21:56:06
"While the true neutral tending Ciphers are based in Elysium it's a wierd combination, but it fits if you think about it. Something the Ciphers would likely find odd."

"The Ciphers are all about finding internal order and internal harmony, not forcing it on everything around you. However when you're that at peace with yourself internally, you just seem to naturally react in such a way to balance and benefit those around you. Your own inner tranquility can lead to the greater good. This is where Elysium's link to the Transcendent Order comes into play."

"At least that's my take on it, all the rubbish that it is anyways. I guess I'm spilling the dark on it simply because I've resigned myself to the fact that it'd be sodding impossible for assassinate Rhys. She's dodged the last three attempts before the spell was cast or the bowstring plucked."


"Not that an upstanding fiend like myself would know anything about such plots against our fair and capable council chairwoman."