Athasian Undead Traits



Feb 26, 2004 13:35:56
So, I was looking in my old Terrors Beyond Tyr book and I stumbled on the chart that was listed in the Undead entry.

Man, I love that list. That list is ne of the many reasons that I Dark Sun. You can have a free-willed undead that has a weakness of "needs to eat flesh" or something like that.

Has anyone "converted" that chart for 3/3.5 Edition?

If no one has I think I will do that tonight when I get home. Heck, even if someone has I will anyway.

BTW, if I do convert it, would it be against the "rules" to post it here? Probably, but why not ask.

Until later. I have to go eat some flesh. I mean go back to work.


Feb 26, 2004 13:44:11
Yes. Please check out Terrors of the Dead Lands on