Sneak peek at Guide to Shadow Fey artwork!



Mar 01, 2004 6:01:55
Greetings, fellow mistwalkers!

It's time to part the mists again and reveal some of the artwork I did for the upcoming Guide to the Shadow Fey!

Just head over to my website to check out the Teg, Sith, Shee, Powrie, Portune and Muryan. Then head back here and let me know what you think!

Game On!


Mar 01, 2004 6:25:40
Someone from the FoS board pinpointed that to our attention and you can find feedback there as well !



Mar 01, 2004 6:26:25
i love portune and teg. they are surprising and fresh. sith and shee are portraited with classic gothic beauty and therefore reveal character i'm already long used to. but then again - they have been described as overly charismatic so this might just be me trying to avoid the already overused gothic imagery and not a criticism towards your art. it is clear that if the shadow elves lacked any gothic motifs in their appearance, they would not be in correlation with the setting. but it's good to see a great diversity in the way each individual one is portrayed. keep up the good work


Mar 01, 2004 16:02:54
wow. As always, your work continues to blow my mind. You truley are gifted.

Keep up the incredible work