Mar 01, 2004 8:40:04
Ok I'll start out by saying I know next to nothing about Greyhawk. I've always been curious but never wandered far from DL or FR to look into it.

This one has been nagging at me for sometime since the epic level handbook came out.

What is the story with Rary? Years ago I had a friend tell me he was part of Mordenkians Circle of Eight(?) and then betrays them and killed a few or something, etc.

I did a board search but didn't find anything, the Rary the Traitor module I flipped through a few years ago didn't tell me much either if I understand. How powerful is he and what is his story? Thanks alot for any help!


Mar 01, 2004 10:28:13
For a good review of Rary's backgrounds and current ambitions get a copy of Dungeon 103/Polyhedron162 and a copy of Living Greyhawk Journal #0. I would type it all out but I'm lazy.

Long story short on his treachery:
At the crucial signing in Greyhawk City that ended the Greyhawk Wars(Look for 'From the Ashes'), Rary slew Tenser and Otiluke(and severely injured Bigby) as they averted his attempt to slay the delegations. While this occured Robilar his co-conspirator went out and destroyed Tenser and Otiluke's other assets including clones. Lastly through likely Epic magic, Rary moved his ENTIRE tower from Ket to the Bright Desert where him and Robilar have now carved out their own nation(Rary the Traitor is good reference I also suggest you find Dungeon98/Polyhedron157 which details the Bright Desert well).

On a side bar:
The true motive behind this mess is unknown, but logically if he wanted to incur the wrath of the Circle and Greyhawk City why move CLOSER to them? In the almost 10 years since the incident he has made no ill moves toward Greyhawk or the Co8 instead concentrating on digging up the Bright Deserts' lost artifacts. If all he desired was the riches of Ancient Sulm and to lord over some desert tribes, I am sure he could've pursued that without all the treachery. Now I have read he has wider aspirations of dominion but the Bright Desert while strategically secure itself, is not a good place to start a campaign militarily. He would have no hope of conquering past Greyhawk City, Wild Coast or parts of the Duchy of Urnst. While he has the knowledge and magical will, he just doesn't have the manpower to pull off an empire.

Rary in every canon source I've seen is higher level (currently 24th) than any Circle wizard, even perhaps Mordenkainen. This would explain his introduction to the Circle by Mordenkainen, better to have him on your side than against you. I think on a side note that Rary was probably concealing his true alignment tendencies from the circle all along(ala Palpatine from Star Wars).

Hopefully someone can clean up my random notes, wish it could be more but it is alot to digest. Rary in my opinion is the best villain potentially in all of WoG right now. He has an exotic land to explore that is in each reach of Greyhawk City, plenty of ingrained history with the core storylines and while Rary and Robilar are both Epic level they aren't bent on destroying the world(well okay, maybe not Rary, Robilar has done some crazy stuff).


Mar 01, 2004 10:36:07
In 'Living Greyhawk', he is currently trying to find out the secrets of Scorpion Crown (which, IIRC, destroyed the original inhabitants) so that BD would become fertile once again.
He also has interest towards Onnwal.

Core module 'Traitor's road' has his envoy mentioning that Scarlet Brotherhood is looking for Jan Destrons (leader of Onnwal) son and that Jan should hand over his son to Rary so he could teach him and keep him safe.

I don't think Destrons going to accept that offer in a while....


Mar 01, 2004 10:37:24
Thanks! That is more then I knew already. I was wondering cause Rary wasn't in the epic level book and Mord was like 21st level in 2nd and Rary was 24th. I'll try to look into those references you gave me, also want to see about the Greyhawk Wars


Mar 01, 2004 23:00:42
Some Rary trivia:
Rary was originally a magic-user played by Brian Blume. He made it to the mid-levels (never made it past 7th or 8th level), and was thus known as Medium Rary.


Mar 02, 2004 7:49:42
Speaking of which ..

Rary's stats (as described in LGJ 22 (Dungeon #103)) include two unique Epic spells named after their owner. Does anyone know where I can get a full description of those two spells? (given they aren't in the Epic Handbook)


Mar 02, 2004 10:41:59
I had noticed that too when I first read the article, but forgot about it until now. I guess unless the author does a third installment we shall have to use an educated guess. Since they are unique Epic spells and are likely to never be copied by another 'named' wizard the actual costs and numbers are for DM purposes irrelevant. Rary has a spellcraft of +44 so by taking ten we can assume the DC is probably no lower than 54.

We know from this article and Rary the Traitor that he keeps a tower full of automatons including his nearly finished silver dragon automaton. I think the names of the epic spells obviously point towards those.

Now to make an -iron golem- you need to be 16th level and have the feats Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Wondrous Item and a slew of spells including limited wish. Now Rary has all that I'm sure but he also has a feat called Craft Construct which probably means that his constructs are:

A) Totally incompatible with normal item creation methods (i.e. psuedo-technology) so he needs an epic feat AND spell to produce them.


B) His constructs are indeed Epic level creatures themselves making them stronger than iron golems, which is likely in the case of his silver dragon project. Now if his other tinker-toys are epic strength also, that would make lootign his castle quite hazardous.

Rary's meritorious animation From the sound of this one, this is the lower DC of the two spells that he probably makes his golems from.

Rary'superlative draconic animator And the higher of the two that obviously will 'turn on' his silver dragon construct. Since he seems to be putting alot of effort into this one, I'd think its fair to say its a Mithril golem of extraordinary size and abilities.


c) His epic spells I also would assume give him full control over the constructs, even mentally over a distance, given his prior spells like Rary's Telepathic Bond.


Mar 04, 2004 1:23:17

Yes, I also supposed that his two epic spells were related to the strange constructs described in the Rary the Traitor accessory.

Now that I read Rary's stats more carefully, I notice they're not the only spells without proper description. There is also Overland Flight . So, I'll cross my fingers and keep hoping for a third article about the Bright Desert...


Mar 04, 2004 1:26:48
Actually Overland Flight is a renamed spell from the 3.5 playerhandbook isn't it? And I hope there will be more Rary info too, he is a favorite of mine.


Mar 04, 2004 2:44:41
You're correct. That spell didn't ring a bell at first. Just checked it in the 3.5 PHB.


Mar 04, 2004 21:10:02
Although your theories are probably close to what they originally intended...

From Rary's epic spells:

Originally posted by Erik Mona
more likely they were cut out for space and the references to them were mistakenly left in.

That's the answer, I'm afraid. We cut the spells because they did things similar to other spells, but forgot to drop them from Rary's spell list.

Oops. Sorry about the confusion.

--Erik Mona
Dungeon Magazine



Mar 05, 2004 1:58:38
Thanks for the tip Ash!