avfanatic, thanks but...



Mar 01, 2004 15:03:47
actually I did register. When I get to the part that says "This map can be downloaded here:" there's nothing to click on or hilight for that matter. I thought maybe he had taken them off so they couldn't be downloaded. Any other ideas?

avfanatic huh? I'm a Blues man myself. Hey! Our teams owners are related. You have the owner with the loose purse strings though. Ours wants to slash payroll to 30 to 45 million. You guys don't need Kolzig, Abby's doin a good job. Enough Hockey Talk!


Mar 01, 2004 15:35:16
hmm, which map in specific are you trying to download?


Mar 01, 2004 16:32:44
on the downloads section...duh. Now all I have to figure out what to open them with once I've downloaded them. I told my computer teacher in the 8th grade I would never use computers. I guess I was wrong. I always say I was born in the wrong century. Or game world. Any ideas on what to use to open them?

In answer to your question though: In the description of the maps in the cartography section I was trying to download (I think it was) one of the Rhizia maps.

Thanks Abysslin


Mar 01, 2004 17:27:48
I think you may be having trouble opening a zipfile if I'm understanding you correctly.

You can download an evaluation version of winzip at the following link.

Winzip Eval

Hopefully, that is what you needed.