...good info on the UR-FLAN?



Mar 01, 2004 17:10:11
Where is the best place to get info (published or on-line) about the Ur-Flan? History, stories, details, etc. There are tidbits splattered throughout all of the previous published GH stuff, but I can't seem to get a good bering on the Ur-Flan?

Anybody have any info that can help me out?



Mar 02, 2004 1:40:32
Hi Omote---

Here's the info from Jason Zavoda's index:

Ur-Flan [PPL]
DRG#208 Pg# - 54
DRG#291 Pg# - 92,95
DRG#293 Pg# - 90
DRG#294 Pg# - 96
LGG Pg# - 5,23,34,146,157,161
LGJ#1 Pg# - 29
LGJ#3 Pg# - 15,27
LGJ#4 Pg# - 7

There are also references to the ur-Flan in the Vecna: Hand of the Revenant graphic novel.

Overall, I think Ivid the Undying is your best source for info about them.


Mar 02, 2004 20:27:45
It is about as official as a three dollar bill, but here is my take:

In -2000 CY, a group of people appeared upon the plains of what is now the Vast Swamp. They were the Flannae. Relatively unnoticed by the elvin empires, the Flannae developed a small, peaceful civilization. They made contact with the Olman Empire and traded with it on friendly terms. They learned to work bronze and build cities from the Olman. With great sorrow did they watch their Olman brothers sail to the Amedio and slowly dissappear from the Flannae shores.

The Flannae were a degenerating people whose society was crumbling when Acerak took control in -530 CY. He formed them back into a civilized people, with such a growth spurt that the population zuintippled in 30 years. Power corrupted Acerak, ascending to lichdom in -500 CY. With this act, he held an iron grip over all the Flan.

The Flan needed more room for their people, which reached from the Spine to the Rieuwood. Acerak's greedy eyes looked upon the elvin lands, vast and relatively unpopulated. In -480 CY, the need for more land and Acerak's greed built up to the breaking point. Scouting militias were sent into the Rieuwood, eventually finding Mount Elleintren, the seat of elvin power in the forest. The lich led an army that skirted the southern edges of the Menowood as it crossed the Hollow Highlands, reaching the coast. The host then travelled up the plains of Idee, which were not nearly as guarded as the forest. They travelled to Tellmarkian Pass and overran the elvin defenses by sheer numbers. The host then laid sige to mighty Mount Elleintren and its grey elves. Wave after wave of Flannae assaulted the stronghold, only to be fiercely repulsed. Acerak regathered his host assaulting again and again. Five times did the army attack, five times beaten back.

Acerak was infuriated by the months-long seige which produced nothing. With powerful magics, he cuased great pillars of flame to engulf the mountain. Flames reached thousands of feet in the sky as the mountainside was turned to ash. The flames leaped to the surrounding forest, butning the Rieuwood back for 100 miles. Acerak's army then stormed the city, finding not a single elvin body. The elvin power over the Rieuwood had been broken.

Acerak's Flannae moved to the plaing across the wood in droves. For 16 years, they battled the elves across present-day Great Kingdom. Finally, in -460 CY, Acerak had assembled his greatest host yet. It was preparing to do the impossible, assault the greatest stronghold and capital of the elvin people, the City of Summer Stars.

Treachery was underway in the homelands, however. For years, there had been resistance to Acerak's cruel lordship. Some had learned of the Olman migration and thought it good for the Flan. Ships were secretly built for years and years, enought to hold many thousands. With Acerak gone far north, the time was ripe for rebellion. Word spread and the downtrodden Flan streamed to the ships. They sailed in -460 CY, headed for safe lands to the west.

Unaware of his people's treachery, Acerak led his host against the City of Summer Stars. A great battle transpired, destroying both the city and Acerak's great host. Acerak returned to his homeland to assemble another host with which to dominate all lands south of the Rakers. Most of the people had fled, however. A furious Acerak frantically tried to rebuild his empire, but had not hte manpower. By -455 CY, Acerak controlled only the homeland region. His fury became insurmountable. In a last fit of greatness, he cuased the Vast Swamp to bubble up and consume the homelands of the Flan.

Those who had not fled the evils of Acerak were to forever be known as the Ur-Flannae. They spread across present day Great Kingdom, especially North Province. The invading Aerdi tribes had many fierce battles with the Ur-Flannae, finally defeating the last great army at Arrowstrand in 11 CY. The Ur-Flannae were hunted down systematically and sent to live in Tenh, until no more existed. They mingled with the Flannae tribes there to become analogous with their former brothers. Thus did the Ur-Flan pass from the anals of history.


Mar 04, 2004 11:55:41
Thanks Grodog, that is a good help. I should have checked it, but I didn't think about it.

As for OOE, man that is a wealth of good information... is a good portion of it derived from the list above as well as Ivid and the Graphic Novel? Or is much of that your own take on the subject.

Regardless, that is some good stuff. Helps out a lot, thx again Gro and OOE!



Mar 04, 2004 12:36:31
OoE, that was awesome! The part you have Acererak playing makes so much sense after thinking about it.

You should think about detailing it out some and submiting it to Canonfire!

as official as a 3 dollar bill



Mar 04, 2004 13:40:49
I'm going to go ahead and post now, at the risk of being called lazy for not looking it up myself, because I don't have my books handy right now. (I could wait, get together with my books, look it up, and post later, but . . . nah.)

So, wasn't Vecna connected to the Ur-Flan? When did Vecna first rise to power, and when was he struck down by Kas? How would that fit in with OleOneEye's "three-dollar" history?


Mar 04, 2004 14:34:25
Personally, I thought I remember reading that the Ur-Flan were tied to Vecna myself. I seem to remember something about the "Empire of Vecna and the Ur-Flan," however I could be mistaken.

Are the Ur-Flan then in today's Flanaess virtually extinct? It would seem so. Although, here we go again with my random rememberances of GH stuff, weren't the Ur-Flan essentially a group of Necromancers?



Mar 04, 2004 15:44:24
Vecna's rule of the Ur-Flan predates official canon-land

Here's an article by ole Erik "Iquander" Mona on Canonfire...