Flanaess 1800 CY



Mar 01, 2004 19:42:50
Ill buy D20 modern, and i plan to roll a campaing in future Flanaess. Technology level will be the same as today in real world.

So, what would be the BIG changes? Would Iuz still be alive? What nations should still exist (or not)? What about that 'Fireland' island in the mini world map (which i dont know anything about)? And the rest of Oerth main continent? The Land of Black Ice, would be explored or still a place of darkness and stuff?

Theres SO much possibilities; ill only detail the area where my party will play, but still, i want to hear your ideas!!

(or are you canon-freaks who cant help me... i hope not.)

Thanks for your time.


Mar 01, 2004 20:50:54
Yes I am a canon freak, NOT! Well I would make Pholtus the replacement of Jesus in our world. While Tharizdun would be the replacement for satan. I would actually keep some areas under the control of a polytheism belief system manly those areas with a baklunish background. Blackmoor should remain mysterious and be treated much like many people used to treat the bermuda triangle.

Modern pagan's might follow one of the old faith deities. I would probably keep magic to minimal or non-exsistent as modern technology has all but replaced it. You might even consider having Murlynd become the modern day Jesus, which would go in line with the disappearance of magic. The Sea of Dust could be a profitable place filled with oil. While Furyondy could have expanded into the former lands of Iuz. With the former city of Dorakka being noted as the lost city of skulls. History in modern time will be recorded as the son of Iggwilv and Grazz't similar in ways to Merlin's birth. Much more like a story of mythology instead of actual fact. Iuz is discredited because regular people are noted for leading these lands.

Highfolk could become an amusement park, Greyhawk could be like america and you could have a civil war which actually unites Dyvers and Greyhawk city.

These are just ideas I hope it sparks you a bit!


Mar 01, 2004 23:05:53
Like the United States of Ulek? (Where did i hear that before?)

Yea, Iuz will not be there. Lets say one of his priests get his hands on a nuclear weapon, he can clean dorakaa and start his own cult, then one of his clerics does the same...

Many thinks will stay, like Furyondy being a true monarchy and not like today britain (it IS a fantasy game, isnt? If Rohan Monarchy works, then my fav kingdom will be like that as well!). There will be as much clerics and wizards as there is right now in 591 CY (but the humanoid population will be what, 100x bigger?), so, spellcasters ARE more rare. NO magic for the masses!! (Buy Potion of Gender Change here, at Wal-Mart!!). Many races will probably be extincted (sp?), like dragons or trolls. And adventures will only exist in movies; ill not award xp by cleaning an entire ogre village with a bazooka (but the players will be heroes or whatever, i dont own d20 modern yet).

I dont know why, but i see keoland as the Russian counterpart in flanaess; Furyondy is France ('cause of knights), Nyrond is Spanish (for conolization of distant lands and stuff), Greyhawk is USA (for obvious reasons), Grand March is Sparta ( ), Ket is Iraq, and i think ill use this standart when drawing the modern flanaess history.

Im very excited with this campaing; too many ideas!. Any comment is welcome.


Mar 02, 2004 5:50:05
There was a Dragon article several years ago that described your very scenario for the Flaneass.


Mar 02, 2004 7:45:48
Aye, t'was in Dragon Magazine #277 if my memory doesn't fail me


Mar 02, 2004 8:07:23
IIRC, the lands of IUZ were carpet-bombed untill the were a blackened charred wasteland. Urnst also used magical flying artifacts to defend its borders....the looked like FA/18 hornets with cloaking devices (Invisibility spells). Smoke powder (Which doesn't work on Oerth) was circumvented by teleporting bullets to close orbit with the sun allowing them to super accellerate and then teleport them back to the muzzle of the weapon. I thought it was well thought actually.


Mar 02, 2004 13:26:44
Originally posted by Souza
There will be as much clerics and wizards as there is right now in 591 CY (but the humanoid population will be what, 100x bigger?), so, spellcasters ARE more rare. NO magic for the masses!! (Buy Potion of Gender Change here, at Wal-Mart!!).

And people accuse Greyhawk of being low-magic now?!

One thought I have about this has to do with the idea that history is cyclical (i.e., history tends to repeat itself). What if, sometime between 591 CY and, say, 1700 CY (100 years before your campaign is set), there was another magical devastation on the order of the Twin Cataclysms? Seems to me that something like that would make common folk track down arcane spellcasters and kill them. Kingdoms would outlaw magic (while, of course, the rulers secretly keep some spellcasters of their own). In such an environment, even divine spellcasters would be very circumspect in how they behaved, and it would be very likely that you would find some kind of non-spellcasting clergy present in many temples (with, perhaps, only the higher-ranking clergy gaining access to spells). The more recent the magical devastation, the more fervent the anti-magic movement would be.

Many races will probably be extincted (sp?), like dragons or trolls.

Or, at least, they're believed to be extinct. It could very well be possible that some of these creatures have found someplace to hide, away from prying eyes.


Mar 02, 2004 14:47:33
Theres no way i can get my hands in that dragon mag, so, can anyone tell me anything more about this 'official' future greyhawk campaing?

Smoke powder (Which doesn't work on Oerth) was circumvented by teleporting bullets to close orbit with the sun allowing them to super accellerate and then teleport them back to the muzzle of the weapon

I thinks this can be called 'magic for the masses'. I dont know... how much would cost such weapon? Being able to do 2 super-ultra-long-range quickened teleport spells, many times per day, wow... IMC, gunpownder always worked. And the 'iuz lands being carpet-bombed', by what, guided fireballs? In my world (low magic), spellcasters are already rare; you cant pay for healing or identify, just because no wizard or cleric would share such ancient power for something futile like gold; now increase the world population by 10000% without increasing the spellcaster populations, and you have a yet more low magic world.

Thanks for the info, btw; ill look for that magazine.


Mar 02, 2004 18:44:51
For starters you have the United Counties of Urnst occupying the US role with the New City of Greyhawk as its capitol and this nation includes Nyrond, the Shield Lands and the Bright Desert. Other fun features are Halflings have become xenophobic racial seperatists, Elves have retreated completely into Velene (Veluna + Celene) and act as eco-"terrorists" and there's a Dwarven empire (House Broadhammer) that spans the length of the Barrier Peaks, the Crystalmists, the Sulhauts and the Hellfurnace Mountains that has developed gunpwder weapons. Furyondy is still around as an ally of the UCU.

Also Iuz got banished to another dimension after sustained nuclear and biochemical carpet bombing reduced his lands to a uninhabitable wasteland called the Daemon Scar (okay, demons still live there) which is a zone of dimensional portals, wild magic and radiation. The worship of Beory has begun to flourish once again taking on a trendy "new-age" nature and Incabulos is the god of choice for the disenfranchised of the UCU.

The UCU uses the dimensional accelerator "guns" that were mentioned previously. A place called Ryujiin seems responsible for much of the magic-tech developments (like the "Chute" which operates like a magic long-distance subway and is the main means of long-distance transport). The fighter plane mentioned is the Devil Raptor and is another magic-tech hybrid using the dimensional accelerated guns, a phase-shifting device that is like a displacer beast's abilities, a feather fall pilot ejection system, magical protection from fire, cold, electricity and evil combined with missiles and smart bombs. In addition to the invisibility power that one includes there is another that can dimension door and most are magically silenced


Mar 05, 2004 0:38:45
Hey! What about Brazil? What Flanaess nation Brazil would be?! (just curious... eehhehehe...)

I´m thinking here in my dark room... why should Greyhawk City be like USA?... I really didn´t understand that...

What about Celene?


E ... Hey... esse Souza... putz... é brasileiro! Que bacana isso! E tem o mesmo sobrenome que eu! Aha! Que legal! Pelo visto mora em Santa Catarina não é?

Que satisfação encontrar um brasileiro por aqui! Fan de Greyhawk ainda por cima! Que felicidade conversar em português acerca deste cenário!



Mar 05, 2004 11:20:46
I think Greyhawk should be more like Europe and parts of the middle east and Asia. I'm not sure if there's room for a "New World" (USA, Brazil, etc) but that could be added by a DM. FR certainly covered all the bases (in some places they really repeat themselves though) with Maztica. Maybe Brazil could be Hepmonaland MestreCavernoso.

Sorry, I don't speak Portuguese, but isn't "putz" Yiddish?


Mar 05, 2004 23:52:33
"but isn't "putz" Yiddish?"

"Yiddish"? Can u explain what does that means? Eheheh... sorry ... but i warned u all about my bad english.... ehehe...

But let me try to explain what "putz" means:

It´s called "onomatopéia" in portuguese. It is a written reproduction of a sound ... copy that? It´s like a "hummm", or a "ehehehhehe" .... but unlike the "ehehhehe" "putz" express an exclamation... did u understand?


Mar 06, 2004 7:05:02
ydish.. hummm.. hehehe.... putz

Brazil would be... Bissel? I love to screw that nation hehe.

By the way, im planning to make a mod to Rise of Nations (once the xpac comes) to change nations and units to Greyhawk'ish stuff (Furyondy instead of French, Paladin instead of Heavy Horse Grenadier, etc). Will be cool i think


Sou de florianópolis e vc? Entrae no meu site pra ver sobre minha campanha


Ei ñ foi de ti q eu comprei uns livros de greyhawk?


And now on-topic: Is Pomarj still there in Flanaess 1800+CY? Did men went to the moon(s)? What about the rest of the world? (Erypt or whatever, Sea of Dragon king, Fireland, etc). Tenh, the coolest of all nations, still exist? The Bandit Kingdoms are still there? The Scarlet Brotherhood was annihilated (i hope) ?

Technology is only one 'problem' to deal with. There are so many countries, so many plots left behind, its hard to start building the world from nothing... 1500 years! So much can happen!


Mar 06, 2004 17:35:36
A brief linguistic dissertation.

The "p-word" is also a word in Yiddish. One which you shouldn't be using on these boards.
Yiddish is a dialect of German with some Hebrew added, originally spoken by Jews in central Europe and Eastern Russia, and now rather sadly dying out.

And now back to our thread.


Mar 06, 2004 23:27:09
I still dindn´t understand this thing about Yiddish... :sad:


Hey... Bissel is cool!!! But i think we have got to find a chaotic nation to be like Brazil... got it?


Sou natural do Rio de Janeiro, mas há 4 anos moro em Nova Friburgo.

Não creio nisto não cara! Nunca venderia livros de Greyhawk... mesmo que achasse-os inúteis para mim - o que de certo não aconteceria.

E, pô, já até salvei o url do teu site.


Mar 07, 2004 14:31:45
In addition to the Greyhawk 2000 campaign setting (for which an adventure also appeared in one of the early 3E Dungeon mags), an early 3E Dragon focused on "Age of Steam" Victorian settings. One of the articles had flavor text about an expedition to the Ghost Tower of Inverness. A shorter advancement of the Greyhawk timeline can be found in Robin Bailey's novel, Nightwatch, which takes place about 50 years from the "current" (1990) timeline. If one would consider these three sources "canon," along with a few ideas of my own, the future of Greyhawk might look like this:

594: Current date
c 630: Nightwatch takes place
c 1400-1650: Greyhawk's Age of Discovery--Oerth is explored in full, rise of colonialism, mercantilism, & imperialism
c 1675-1725: Greyhawk's Age of Piracy (think 7 Seas in Greyhawk)
c 1775-1825: Greyhawk's Age of Revolution--a number of colonies gain independence & governments are reformed or overthrown (think French Revoltion & various Western Hemisphere revolutions)
c 1825-1900: Greyhawk's Age of Steam: various empires at height of power, rise of Nationalist & Socialist ideals
c 1900-1935: Tharizdun nearly escapes before his bonds are reinforced (think Cthulhuhawk)
c 1930-1950: The Iuzite War--Iuz makes his last gambit for the Flanaess before he & his empire are destroyed (think WWII in Greyhawk)
c 1950-1990: The United States of Urnst & The Scarlet Brotherhood, former allies in the War against Iuz, wage a cold war until the Brotherhood crumbles from within
c 2000: "Greyhawk 2000"

I realize some of these events would occur sooner, I just used RL equivalents because it's easier when pulling stuff off the top of my head.

Has anyone else toyed with other possible future eras of Greyhawk?