A little help, with the Vistani



Mar 01, 2004 22:47:14
Hey gang,

I am currently running a Greyhawk game, with some heavy Ravenloft ties. Were I’m connecting the Rehenna and the Vistani together. In my history the Rehenna escaped the mists the early days of the Flanness. But onto my question. I’ve got a half Vistani in my game (she doesn’t know this yet) and I wanted to play this up. Going to give her a deck of cards that she can tell the future with etc. I had planned on letting her take the fate spinner PrC. But she will need to be a spell caster before that. There is were I run into the problem. Fireballs and Mage Armor just don’t seem very Vistani. I was thinking of using the Witch spell list out of the DMG, or is there a spell list/ suggestion in any of the Ravenloft books that I might have missed? (or if there is covered already on another tread.



Mar 02, 2004 9:21:27
There's nothing official, as far as I know. One option is to make her specialize as a diviner and make evocation one of her opposition schools. That should keep the flavor closest to vistani, without much effort.

Another way to go is to visani-ize the spells (by adding mists, etc). Mist Armor might make sense. (Mistballs might be going a bit too far).