WotI vs CM, M series of modules



Mar 05, 2004 10:58:19
We'll be starting our Mystara campaign shortly, and there are a few campaign arcs I'm most excited about-

Master of the Desert Nomads & X10
Wrath of the Immortals
CM and M series that involve Norwold Dominions.

However, after getting the materials together and reviewing everything - its appearing to me that WotI isn't consistent with the CM and M modules - or at least, you'd have to run you Norwold Campaign, and have all those adventures of the players vs Alphaks, and THEN have the events of WOTI come to pass... since WOTI ends with Alphatia going down...

I guess I'm seeing a few options - one is, stretch the events of WOTI to happen over a longer time frame, so I can still develop a full Norwold Dominion game along the way. And then, have the concluding events of WOTI scaled up since the PCs will be extremely high level at the conclusion.

Another is run consecutive campaigns (less fun) - have the Norwold campaign, and then come back with a set of lower characters and run the events of WOTI.

Has anyone worked with WOTI and the Norwold stories? Just curious.


Mar 05, 2004 11:05:21
Well, I never did in my campaign, since I was running a game that took place in the distant past of Mystaria.

A number of interesting scenerios also exist Post-WotI, such as those mysteryious machine creatures from the future, or Alphatia's pressence in the Hollow-World(Where they have the potencial to unravel the Immortal's spell of Preservation, which is NOT a good thing)

Hope I've been helpful.


Mar 05, 2004 17:39:22
I haven't run the Norwald modules, but with WotI I always ran the first adventure to the Keep filled with those weird zombies and then I would run several adventures that I wanted to take place for a while. Then I ran the rest of the WotI and my players didn't realize it. When the "Mechanic" takes off with a character I had the player make a new one and just told him in private not to worry that he'll get him back and then we'll worry about the levels and him having multiple characters. You could always have an NPC be taken by the "Mechanic."


Mar 05, 2004 20:31:10
I think you could do it but you would have a big task on your plate. I think for alot of the Norwold adventures you could edit them a bit to make Alphatia unnecessary, play with the WoTI timeline to suit it to your campaign etc .... but a heck of alot of work, I must say.


Mar 05, 2004 20:54:48
I am doing the exact same thing you are doing. I haven't worked out all the details yet, but here are some suggestions-

1) Run WOTI as your base, and then graft everything else onto that. This will modify WOTI, but the basic plot remains the same. You can, of course, do it another way.

2) Play out X4 and X5 in 1002 or 1003 AC, with the emphasis being that Darokin has sent an army to aid Sind.

3) Play out X10 as suggested in WOTI, be sure to wrap it up before Alphatia takes the war to Glantri and Thyatis.

4) Now send the players to Norworld, run as many of the CM and M modules as you like. Use Immortals from WOTI as instigators for the adventures and plots that those modules use. The most difficult ones to integrate are CM1(big war), M1 and M2(more big wars), and M5(the ultimate war). So let's handle those individually.

5) CM1 has the Thyatians taking the fight to Norworld. Why not? Have the Thyatians take the initiative and carry the fight to the Alphatian colonies. It would have made more sense for Alphatia to go through Norworld to get to Glantri anyways. Have that go in 1007AC

6) Use M1 as a breather, since most of the fighting takes place off world, you can run it anytime, do it between CM1 and M2.

7) Now run M2, in 1008-1009AC. What better time to seek independence from Alphatia then when it is distracted. Plus the Thyatians get Queodhar to do their dirty work.

8) Now run M5 in 1009 AC, as the Thyatians and Alphatians negotiate a peace treaty.

Lots of small fixes will be needed, but that is a skeletal outline.


Mar 07, 2004 11:29:15
Good stuff, NPC Dave - I think I'll try and do what you're proposing, integrate those right into WOTI (and increasing the difficulty levels on some of the WOTI intermission stories).

I won't get too married to the actual 'canon' years though, since WOTI will probably take more than 6 years by adding the additional side campaigns into it.