Character generators?



Mar 05, 2004 14:43:29
Could someone post a link to a good 3.5 Character generator? Thanks.


Mar 10, 2004 17:56:19

This is the one I use, he hasn't updated it recently but it still kicks most of the ones out there and even includes some LG specific stuff.


Mar 10, 2004 20:29:36
Hi all-
Of course eTools for 3.5 just came out. It's $6 on top of the normal eTools. There is of course, PC Gen, Hero Forge and so many others its impossible to list or know them all. I personally use eTools and Campaign Suite (CS). CS is coming out with a new version - X for XML. Been a while since I was active with them. DMF - DM's Familliar is out there too. Both CS and DMF can be purchased via CS is $25. I don't know how much DMF is.
If you're using primarily only WotC products, then eTools with the subsets is the best choice.
Hope that helps.

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Mar 11, 2004 9:35:01
I was afraid no one could point me in the right direction.