Climate of Pashin and the Silvanesti lands?



Mar 06, 2004 23:12:23
What kind of climate does Pashin and the Northers lands of Silvanesti have? I'm also wondering what type of weather these areas have in winter.


Mar 06, 2004 23:36:16
I'd need to look at the climate chart, but I set the adventure "The Sylvan Key" in Pashin during the winter after the War of Souls, and I had snow in the area. I'm sure others can be more enlightening!

Jamie Chambers
Sovereign Press, Inc.


Mar 06, 2004 23:40:10
Pashin is in the southern Khalkist mountains, north of sylvanesti, so think of a dry badlands style scrub forest area, with hot arid climate in the summer and pretty cold winters. South Dakota, or southern Russia.

Northern Sylvanesti gets a bit more temperate, and the tree line is thicker.