Dragonlance Play by Post



Mar 14, 2004 2:14:28
Come visit www.unlimitedrpgs.com we have gotten our Dragonlance forum up and running along with our first game, but DL is not the only game we have, FR, AO, Modern, Starwars, and BESM are also supported by our forums, Come check us out and if any questions you can email me [email]meow@meowthegreat.com[/email] or aim me Meow the Great, or post in the DL forums under the Guest section.

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Mar 14, 2004 21:40:54
Instant messaging is much more efficient. Just an opinion.


Mar 14, 2004 21:43:41

Its harder for me to get a group together to playat my times, which are terrible anyways, plus other things i do with my time, PbP is for the casual player, but if you get a good group you can do more than you could with a 3 hour group each week.