Myoshima and Patera



Mar 14, 2004 10:34:54
I'm planning on running a side campaign set in Myoshima (I've always wanted to run a full Oriental style campaign and finally my players want to give it a go).I've got some materials I worked up for when my PCs visited in the main campaign (which I'd like to share if anyone's interested), but I was wondering whether anyone else had tried a rakasta campaign before or had any bits worked out for Myoshima. I've used elements from the Patera project, and the historical depth is great but there's very little on day to day life there.
I've had a stab at a monetary system, calendar, Immortals and a rough map so far but I'm still working on getting enough material together for a full campaign...


Mar 14, 2004 14:02:12
I had a Rakasta character in my last campaign, but he was from the Savage Coast somewhere. We made his character mysterious to cover the lack of knowledge either of us had for the culture of Rakasta. I would say day to day life would be like anyone elses except more hand-to-hand training and training with those special "Claws" they use. Would be something like an honor system, where sometimes to save his family reputation he would be willing to kill himself. Not really sure how that would go or fit, but that is how we ran the character. For material I used some Forgotten Realms stuff to play out the politics and day-to-day.


Mar 16, 2004 7:12:20
You might want to check out Sharon Dornhof's Hollow Moons project available somewhere in the Vaults. Could provide further ideas for any campaign set on one of the moons.

Makes sense to me: If Mystara is Hollow, why not its moons aswell?