Tarmak PCs and War Paint



Mar 18, 2004 10:23:36
How would you handle war paint component availability for Tarmak PCs? Since it uses only plants native to the Tarmak homeland, and Tarmak don't ever share it with other races, I was guessing it would be rather rare.

Any comments would be welcome!


Mar 19, 2004 18:38:28

One of my players is an Ansolon born Tarmak barbarian with insanely low intelligence. He wanted the warpaint but due to tarmak racial characteristics, description of warpaint, and the decently high craft DC we figured it was all but impossible.

What I did was let him tell the gnome rogue who has a lot of skill with alchemy/herbalism what was in it and increased the DC by five. I figured that was enough to let the gnome figure out equivalent components.

I also allowed them to swap out functions of the war paint on a 1 for 1 basis. For example, they came up with a weak version of the paint that provided only Fast Healing 1, less natural armor and only worked on the first say 10 damage a character took.

Of course the gnome's concoctions are prone to not work as intended so I made a little chart of random side effects the paint might have as well.

That's just one idea,

Aaron Evans