Why players, the BoVD, and 1984 don't mix



Mar 19, 2004 3:22:37
Taking a break from the long running Dragonlance game and our Technocracy game for Mage: The Ascension, we decided to run evil characters in the Age of Mortals.

Basically a black robe mage who avoided sorcery and kept studying because of his incredible devotion to Nuitari (illusionist), a Blackguard of Sargonnas, and a Cleric of Morgion

They got out their BOVD and put their Technocracy fascist training to work and came to me with their premise...

I hate my players sometimes really, they should be institutionalized when they get that look.

Basically they want to address the issue of the lack of faith mortals currently have in the gods after the Second Cataclysm and being high level (it was their request) they figure its mostly a lack of fear that's doing it (two gods did DIE after all)

To that end they with their wands of illusion, healing spells, and waaay too many ranks in torture plus alittle inspriation from the original Assassin cult

have decided to make "Hell" on Krynn, specifically after some adventures cleaning out a tunneled in mountain dungeon and with some hallucinagens for added effect plus some genuine demons help

They are going to drag disbelieving mortals or apathetic ones to the gods presence off (not to mention 'heretics') to be tortured until they recant after a set period ("probably til a holy day" said one period) then sacrifice them if they don't.

They've even given me 'tests' to determine sincerity

The weirdest part is that they have also said that if they sincerely (and we make sure to BE sincere or disbelieve slightly more...not to mention not exactly ENCOURAGE it if you know what we mean-player) call on the gods of good or neutrality, they'll also sleep em and then send em off back to civilization with their hazy horrific memories.

I'm guessing this is a weird background tool since they're also making a "paradise" for the Wicked upstairs for a new Knights of Nekara to be formed

But I'm really not sure how to progress this or what reaction from the gods, people involved, and not to mention people who hear of this whole thing should be.

Given the amount of thought they've put in it, I gotta give em props and make it a center of the storyline though


Mar 19, 2004 8:36:25
I'm surprised, with that class combo, that they didn't go with the Knights of Neraka to begin with.

Playing evil characters can be troublesome to begin with. I tend to go into games with the idea that good shall ever triumph over evil. Needless to say, I don't like running evil-based games (and I have).

In your situation, you're going to have a few things going on. First is that there must be a balance. If these guys try to create "hell on Krynn", there will be those who will oppose them. You can bet that Kiri-Jolith and the KoS will be there to stop them. Not that they will succeed...

Second, remember that evil turns upon itself. This might be hard to implement in the game. Perhaps your players ally themselves with someone, who then gets aspirations of power, and decides to turn on the PCs. Or perhaps your players have something happen, and they turn on each other. Tread carefully here.

Evil has a price. You don't gain great evil power without having to sacrifice something. Typically, this is your soul, but there are other ways of doing this as well. The cleric of Morgion, for example, may find that he must either serve Morgion, or fall victim to plague himself (ala Rennard from Legend of Huma).

Then what of the Black Robe? He has to consider the Orders of High Sorcery. If he's causing destruction just for the sake of it, the Orders may consider him a renegade. If his path is one that will eventually lead to great magical power, then that's another matter. This is a fine line to walk. Also consider that White Robes will face off against the Black Robe outside of the Towers.

There's lots of things to consider in this setup. Tread carefully, and try to keep those Dragonlance themes in mind as you play this out.

Good (or rather, evil) luck!


Mar 19, 2004 11:42:05
Originally posted by Charles Phipps

Basically they want to address the issue of the lack of faith mortals currently have in the gods after the Second Cataclysm and being high level (it was their request) they figure its mostly a lack of fear that's doing it (two gods did DIE after all)

Only one god died.....the other just simply isnt a god any more...but he is still alive.


Mar 19, 2004 12:21:45
Effectively they are attempting with their little "Inquisition" to create basically a large panic throughout Krynn about the nature of the gods and more or less they are going to GET you if you don't worship them.

Rule through fear of force rather than force. A bunch of people talking about enduring agonies of being 'taken to the abyss' and let loose for swearing allegiance to Sargonnas or whatnot sort of does things.

They intend also to target the Seekers and other cults that have emerged directly with their 'fearsome reputation' established.

In some cases it'll just be direct. Fireballing fields and paying off hobgoblins or charming monsters to attack people that they will destroy only if they start to worship the old gods.

"Join us or die" is crude but effective if they don't have time to adventure out more complex plans.

All the while recruiting sincere converts (hedrick types they said) to become clergy of the dark orders.

Basically they want to curry favor with the returned gods and hope that they establish themselves as powerful players in the new religions.

The only reason they didn't join the Knights is because for their 'raison de tat' (which I'm sure is totally mispelled) they intend to destroy the order.

The mystics don't worship the Old Gods and thus are a fitting sacrafice to the new gods with the remains to be rebuilt in the Dark gods image

At present I see the easy way to exploit their plan. They each serve different gods but i admit it'll be interesting really to see how the Church of the Gods of Good and Neutrality react to active, upfront, out in the open prostetylizing from the gods of evil

Even if some of them are doing it only to "spare us from the fury of these lunatics"