Who's Your Favorite Published NPC?



Mar 19, 2004 15:50:58
Silly little question, I know. Just wondering....


Mar 19, 2004 15:52:47
Actually, let me expand...

Who is it and why? What's special about the NPC? How have you used him or her in a campaign, and what sort of reaction did you get?


Mar 19, 2004 16:00:21
I'd say Dote Mal Payne. I've gotten more mileage out of him than any other. He was the arena necromancer for Kalak mentioned in the Gladiator's Handbook.


Mar 19, 2004 16:13:51
Wheelock and his assistant Toth. A very old master bard who won't provide an antidote to a poison until he's actually tasted a good amount of the poison to begin with, is wracked with body spasms, his mind is so warped out from all the poisons over the years that he doesn't acknowledge the existance of any male except for Toth; only speaks to Toth, women, and mysterious voices . . . you can't help but love playing out this kind of role in a game. He's just so much fun to get into.

Anyhow, as I've said before, I absolutely love poison. Alot. So much that I've had to keep Wheelock around as a recuring NPC just so the PCs have someone somewhat consistant to go to when they need an antidote for something that has turned one of their own a whiter shade of pale. Of course, he then becomes a plot hook more often than not with strange demands for his services, most of which are from the 'voices' he hears (which I've never fleshed out fully in all the years, but they aren't just voices, they have an agenda).


Mar 19, 2004 18:00:12
Farcluun. The guy's the ultimate bad-ass mortal dragon, if you rewrite him in a more intelligent fashion than what appeared in Black Flames...


Mar 20, 2004 5:31:42
I love to play him like a cruel tyrant, yet he is (as stated in the WJ) very sincere to the denizens of Tyr. He doesn't pose like a just ruler or protector or whatever to them. He is a despot and happy with it. (I mostly ignore the novels, so he lives)


Mar 20, 2004 7:56:13
I must agree with Mach. My Wheelock act freaked my players out. I've come to know they talked about it all the way home after the gaming session. Never mind the price jump on an antidote from 10.000 silvers to 1 bit when one of the PCs told a bard joke about a foolish character who managed to poison himself in a most creative manner.


Mar 20, 2004 10:31:48
Lokee of the Black Sand Raiders

Hi, hi, hi, he's evil, evil and evil. And he became a recurent enemy of my PCs. A little bit ridiculous (after all, he's still halfling...) but sufficient deadly to cause fear! With a lot of rumours surrounding him (child eater, etc.) I was actually inspired by Zorg of the Fifth Element...
PS Where could I find the background of this Weelock?


Mar 20, 2004 13:39:14
Wheelock is described in The Ivory Triangle.


Mar 20, 2004 14:24:50
wheelock is great,

and Werric: my favorite: she just gives the shivers for my third group of player !

they messed with her by freeing some slaves from her wagon, and she just make them regret it over and over again.

the sight of the wasp's nest combined with the raider falling from every direction always make a PC run away in terror...


Mar 20, 2004 16:30:58
Well wheelock is cool, i played with Jon on that particular ecounter, i was freaked out..

But i have two favorites. TecTezeran from whispers of the storm. a very cool and calm wizard. Or Besrak the commander from Merchant House of Amketch

-Hobbits?? pff...


Mar 20, 2004 20:18:05
Hooo...a gamer of Jon's.


If there is any Dark Sun secrets you'd like to know that Jon dosen't want you to, just ask! :D

-planting lightning rod at my feet-


Mar 20, 2004 20:41:19
*watches as Pennarin mistakenly plants Jon's rod of lightning at his feet*


Mar 20, 2004 21:15:10
Ouch...got me there


Mar 21, 2004 10:44:56
Jessex the banished elf from City by the Silt Sea sup, has been a major NPC in my campaign. He pretty much became party of the charaters party.

--Sysane, The Terror of Urik


Mar 21, 2004 10:46:09
oops make that part of the party


Mar 21, 2004 10:56:53
Hard choice here....

It would need to be my name sake, Fevil of the Black Sand Raiders. He caused so much grief in my campaign that the calander changed to reflect his (evil) influence.


Mar 21, 2004 15:39:24
Pennarin, it is more likely he knows more about DS secrets than you do. My players are my foremost playtesters.


Mar 21, 2004 17:33:09
Then I really need to go to Norway and bump into you 'by accident', creating a situation begging for some playtesting with this fellow from abroad...


Mar 22, 2004 3:38:16
Then I really need to go to Norway and bump into you 'by accident', creating a situation begging for some playtesting with this fellow from abroad..

Wouldn't it be easier to ask in advance and come to Norway on vacation? ;)

Other favored NPCs:

a) The Shadow King. Really - do I need to explain?
b) Kael Stormseeker. Ambitious, ruthless and cunning former right hand of Tectuktitlay.


Mar 22, 2004 11:07:09
Originally posted by Jon, Oracle of Athas
a) The Shadow King. Really - do I need to explain?

No, you don't, and I agree. Gallard was used throughout my campaign, and to great effect.


Mar 22, 2004 15:52:44
a) The Shadow King. Really - do I need to explain?

:D My favorite SK. Gotta love a man who's got his priorities straight.

Although not technically a SK, I'm starting to warm up Atzetuk. He's quickly becoming a very overused plot hook for many of my more recent adventures (as he manipulates the PCs in his bid to consolidate power away from the old templarate and the House of the Mind).