beyond the multiverse II



Mar 23, 2004 20:36:09
Okay, as the other thread discusses the nature of the multiverse in terms of what it constitutes and various semantic arguments, I thought this thread could discuss the original query:

What lies beyond the multiverse? The Far Realms, etc? Now, y'all know what I mean when I say this, so I don't want anyone to start pulling out their dictionaries again. ;)

I'll start off:


Come on, let's face it, the Far Realms is nothing more than an Abyssal Layer with a deservedly well paid ad consultant. Either that or its the plane that used to fit where Pandemonium was....I suspect its all just contained in a bubble in the stone of Agathion.
Or sayeth Sci1 before his passing.


Mar 23, 2004 22:56:02
A better question might be: what lies before the multiverse? Draconic myth says that Io emerged from the First Void, and created the Second Void where our current system of planes resides.

Some speculate that Sigil predates the planes, or even that the planes were born there and scattered across the nothingness that surrounds it like dandelion seeds to blossom into the multiverse we know. Some guess that the entity that destroyed the previous multiverse was the Lady of Pain. Some think this probably happened yesterday, and we just think we remember otherwise.

Researchers into the Demiplane of Time have reported strange things before the dawn of creation, and emerged gibbering with tentacles growing from their spines.

It's also said that the entity known as the Dark God waited in the void before anything was created and will rise again in the eternal darkness of the end.

It's possible that the real Final Boundary is not space, but time. Perhaps this is what the Godsmen really mean when they speak of the Source.

And perhaps this is also what the Athar mean when they speak of the Great Unknown.

This brings to mind another good question: what lies after the outer planes? Is the Great Ring really the final afterlife, or do more sublime reaches await those who have passed beyond the realm of belief?


Mar 24, 2004 18:38:14
Obviously, anybody who knows anything knows that before the multiverse as we know it, some great wrong occured, perverting the shape and fabric of space into angles, in which the Hounds of Tindalos dwell. These are seperate from the curves of space in which we dwell, and only powerful magic can call upon them. (Read Hounds of Tindalos by Frank Belknap Long if you dont get it.)


Mar 24, 2004 19:43:37
what lies beond i've seen for it is called the black, for in this place the first sorcer is in porison in what is called the hole, and this is which that the planes are connted to and for which nothing lies beond


Mar 25, 2004 0:26:14
Anything beyond the Multiverse would be completely alien, as everything inside the multiverse depends upon everything else to exist(Well most things anyway).

This Multiverse revolves around Belief, and as such things like Magic and monsters are not only in the realm of possible, but are even common in some places.

Other than the Far Realm, the following places have been confirmed to exist:

1. There is a Plane of "Greater Existence" above the Multiverse called simply, "Hyper Reality". To beings of this place, our own existences are less real, like how we purceive Illusions(Makes you think doesn't it?). Everything in Hyper Reality is more real to us, so vividly real that spending long periods of time there could be hazardious. The most famaos natives of Hyper Reality are the Mercurials, strange human-like beings with very usual powers.

2. The Plane of Time, also known as the Demiplane of Time or the Temporal Prime, may overlay the entire Multiverse except the Astral Plane. Time is where the Wizards who use Time-based magic called Chronomancers are usually found(There purpose is to learn about history and the nature of time, and also to preserve time). The first encounter with the Far Realm occured when someone traveled either so far back or forward in time that time itself ceased to have meaning.

3. The Ordial Plane, the true third transitive plane, connects the Inner and Outer Planes and give Dietys the ability to form Avatars and manufest themselves physically. The Ordial Plane was descibed as a surreal place of pure belief made physcial. The most unnerving aspect of the Ordial is that in the distance, disembodied eyes float threwout the entire Plane. Visitors say that they felt like they were diffenitely being watched.

An interesting fact about the Ordial plane is that its actually the birthplace of the Prime Material soul. All souls are formed here, and travel threw the Inner Planes briefly on their way to the Prime, where their bodies are formed. Souls of Petitioners which "Merge with their Plane" in reality simply return here to be reincarnated later(Their alignment essence is what actually becomes part of the plane). It is unknown what happens to non-petitioner souls, or souls of petitioners who die off plane. Some suspect that these souls go to a place or places called the "True Afterlife" or "The Final Reward"

Other Places:

If the above or simply mysteryious, than the next few are purely theoritical.

1. The Macrocosm

Said to be the true home of the mysteryious tenticled Chosoiums, which appear on the Inner Planes and Ethereal as though they were projecting themselves from somewhere else. The Macrocosm was spoken of only by a crazed wizard who claimed to actually have visited the place, which he claimed was a transitive plane which connected the Inner Planes to another Multiverse. Its certainly possible, though I believe the Chososium's true home might be the Ordial Plane.

2. The Other Multiverse of the Keepers

Its said that once a Guvner discovered how to not only project his mind across planar boundrys and even beyond the known Multiverse, but also how to actually transplant things he found in these other places and bring them here. Those things were the Keepers. It is unknown where the Keepers came from, but the fact is that they come from no Plane currently cataloged. Like the Chososium, where they come from is totally a mystery.

3. The "Visitors"

Various alien beings have appeared on the Prime in the past. Often, these beings possess technology far more advanced than anything else in the known Multiverse. Many of these beings(the ones that will speak to others that is) claim they originally came from a Universe of Science rather than Magic or Belief. Such a place would be a Nightmare to any Wizard, Priest, or Factioneer, as Magic wouldn't work at all, and no matter what a berk believes, the same truths hold sway for all.


Mar 25, 2004 1:31:29
*coughs* The ordial is not confirmed as existing.


Mar 27, 2004 16:08:01
Well, how many creation stories do we have on the multiverse. I can think of:

1. The creation of the Outlands as meant for the LN powers, but it is corrupted ironically by their individual definitions of Order.

2. The blood of Io shed into the Void to bring it into potential. It creates the Shadow Void from which the other gods can create, and in which they are created.

3. Creation stories from RL mythologies and religions included in PS's On Hallowed Ground detailing the powers.


Mar 28, 2004 8:36:29
Originally posted by sciborg2
Well, how many creation stories do we have on the multiverse. I can think of:

1. The creation of the Outlands as meant for the LN powers, but it is corrupted ironically by their individual definitions of Order.

That one fits very well with the Twin Serpents of Law myth from Guide to Hell.

The original myth in question is from the "Mediator" entry in the PSMCI.


"When the Outlands were created, they were to be the home of the Twin Serpents. From there, they could send out their influences to maintain balance and order. But Jazirian and Ahriman bickered because they disagreed how to organize and construct the inner areas of the plane. Both tried to exert individual influence, causing the plane to become unbalanced.

"When the powers of creation saw what had happened, they cast the Serpents out of the Outlands, thus closing it off to all beings. They created Mechanus with its perfect harmony and giant clockwork, and sent the Serpents there to live. In order that the Twins not corrupt Mechanus as they had done with the Outlands, the powers of creation made the mediators and gave them great power and influence over balance. Three mediators were made, one for each of the Lights of Balance that shine now at the center of the Outlands."


Mar 28, 2004 12:56:59
Imagine the beginning of everything.
Everything was one, and all the things that could possibly be imagined existed here. It was the ideal place, where every idea, ethic, morale, dream, hope, thing, and thought was gathered.

As often does, something happened.

The beginning shattered.

Suddenly everything was many things.

The many things were now separated from each other.
As broken things sometimes do, they wanted to be one again. Many of the pieces started to think of the other things and imagine them being together again, and found that by thinking and reasoning they could again find a way to be together.

But how would they do this? Propulsion was no problem, they had incredible powers and indestructible wills, they just couldn't see past that veil, that shadowy presence ever lurking in the distance.
That made it a problem with steering. Maneuvering and observation.

I'll hold the explanation, while I'll give you real-world reference to hold on to.
What do you do when you want to be seen, or want to be able to see something?
You climb to the highest point available.
But if the highest point available is too low for your purpose, you have but one thing to do (short of flying, but that we'll leave for another lesson), you start making the highest point higher.
You build a spire to stand upon so that you can gaze far out through the shadow, and try to see more of your brothers and sisters that's out there.

That beacon or hill is Sigil. As it's guardian it has chosen Pain. Pain of longing and solitude.
It represent the condensed belief of these planes. It's the showcase window of our multiverse. It's the highest note in the unified 'verse.
And when you want to be heard you shout. The recent war in Sigil was a simple shout for its brethren to come closer. Then it died out. The signal repeats itself, and maybe there is a pattern to them.
Just maybe there's a melody of longing to be found in Sigil's history.