House of Strahd



Mar 24, 2004 13:26:44
Hey all. I'll be running House of Strahd for a group in about 2 weeks. I've played through the module before, but this is my first time to run it. I have everything setup pretty well I think based on what's available in the module.

The ranger in the party has been tracking a large white or silver animal since before he met the party. The last adventure ended with the party spotting a group of wolves flanking them along the road. A large silver wolf seemed to be in the lead. The ranger is convinced that this is the animal he was tracking. Of course it's not since the party started in Greyhawk . . . but there's nothing wrong with him thinking that.

I've set it up so that the party's only female will actually be the reincarnation of Tatyana and I've drawn a portrait for the study that has her standing in the garden when it was in bloom.

Does anyone have anything that can be added to the module; specifically to the castle itself? Maybe something from one of the books or just something that you added when you ran it that worked well.

I have to admit I'm a little nervous about running this one. It's been my favorite module to play through and I want this party to enjoy it as much as I did. Any help would be appreciated.




Mar 24, 2004 17:16:41
A few things, I wouldn't use the tower that's a monster. I don't like it and it doesn't fit right with me.

And secondly, change the names in the crypts. They're too silly for words in some cases.

His word had power" for example.